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The plant is one of the great ways to make our space looks better, efficient, healthy, and alive..! However, it is tricky to find healthy plants.. so, we’ve decided to offer a service to help people to get healthy plants easier.

Currently, We are working with several nurseries which helps us to get an enormous variety of plants, and we’re selecting the plants carefully for our customer who desire to decorate home, office, and space.

Most of the plants can be purchased from our website with online shopping, but you can check our plants at 

Our Cafe Partners, Tommy's Cafe


If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and

hope we can help you to get the perfect plants :)

Thank you.



Hansoo Lee

favourgreen owner & founder

Hi, everyone..! my name is Hansoo.
I've been studied landscape architect in the Republic of Korea,

and had been working as a landscaper, gardener, and worked at a plant nursery.

I believe those career made me more into plants and collect, growing plant for my self.

So? I'd love to help people to get healthy plants to put more life in their homes, office, and space.


23-27 Romsey street, Waitara 2077, NSW

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