How to grow Cordyline negra and how to care for Cordyline fruticosa negra for your garden

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Full of fresh green plants on our garden is more than enough to make us happy and feel escape from our busy life. but, would you consider to add some color on your garden? then keep read this article..!

How Cordyline negra looks like?

Cordyline fruticosa negra which is often just called as Cordyline negra is a great shrub plant to be used by landscaper or gardener to design the garden..! It has wooden feels stem and grows large and strappy foliage. The foliage has bright green color new shoot which turns dark red to black color as it go older. It grows about 60cm long and plant itself grows up to 1~2m tall moderately.

How to grow Cordyline fruticosa negra?

Light : Cordyline negra is not a big fan to be exposed on harsh sun for whole day. Planting on the partial shade to shady spot will helpful to keep your plant to be healthy and not be burnt.

Water : To encourage the cordyline to grow well, plant them in well drainage soil and give water regularly. Giving water every day during the warm season is helpful to grow them well, but during the winter, you can give them water less.

fertilizer : Feeding them at least once a year with slow release fertilizer, and giving fertilizer during the warmer season will help the plant grow well.

How to care for Cordyline negra for the garden?

To make your Cordyline negra keep look nice, clean up the brown old or damaged leaves regularly.

The Cordyline appearance is totally up to you but, if you want to make it little bush, then prune the top of the stem. once the stem is cut, new foliage shoot will appear on the bottom, and eventually grows and make your Cordyline more bushier.

However, if you are doing the cutting to encourage re shooting, I would say better to do when your plant got damaged or bit ugly. because, once you cut the stem on top, it might look odd until the plant is covered by new foliage later.

How to use Cordyline negra for design at my garden?

As Cordyline negra has striking feature with its shape and foliage, it have been loved by many people. It can be planted behind of small border to add color, but more than that, used for maximizing the color contrast with other plants. the plant will go well along the swimming pool or even in front of the entrance and front garden. Some people also plant this in a pot and use it as feature plant.

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