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English Ivy Gift - How to make Hedera herix gift plant? favourgreen DIY Project

Hello Green People!

as I'm selling variety plants and do plant design, I'm occasionally watching Youtube or Pinterest for get inspiration. and this time, I found one great idea that everyone can do easily..!

It is... making Hedera herix Topiary..!

with only few steps, everyone can make this easily..! if you have interest, keep read this article.

Ivy topiary materials

to make Ivy topiary, all we needs are

  • Hedera helix (variegated english Ivy)

  • Pot

  • Iron coil

  • potting mix with bit of fertilizer

  • pebble or moss (optional)

How to make Ivy Topiary for gift

1. Put some potting mix on the pot for potting.

as we will put the plant with root ball, don't need to fill up the soil to top.

2. Pull out the Ivy plant from the nursery pot

when you take out the plant from the pot, if its not coming out easily, squeeze the pot little bit and put your finger gently under the plant and then flip the pot and tap tap.

3. Potting the plant in new pot.

now, time to plant in new container.! put the plant on the pot, place it on the center and fill up the soil to the gaps. when you put soil make sure the plant and soil to be placed 1cm below than top of the pot so we can put pebble or moss on top later.

4. make a round structure with iron wire

just simply bend and make round shape and handle. for better result, make the round shape smaller than pot, and wind several times to make it hard and form the shape properly.

5. put the round structure on the plant

once you made the structure, put the handle side down and puke it to the soil. at that time, try to put at the center so it can be look balanced and make it solid as compact the soil.

6. Wind the Ivy

now its almost done..! all you need to do is winding up your Ivy along the structure one by one. choose 2 long stem and wind it from different direction.

7. if you done by here? congratulation..! you just made one Ivy topiary for yourself..! if you want to give present or gift to someone, you can put thank you card or tag with rope and tide up at the center and finalize decorating with putting pebble on the top of the soil.

hope this article was helpful for you and

if you want to watch the full version of How to make English Ivy topiary on Youtube, click the bottom image.

thank you


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