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Fiddle leaf fig care and How to grow Ficus lyrata fig tree Indoor

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Are you looking for Lush, Large foliage, and grow big enough to fill up your space with life? how about the Fiddle leaf fig plant?

How does the Fiddle leaf fig look like?

Ficus lyrata which is mostly called a Fiddle leaf tree plant, Fiddle leaf FIg, fig tree is one of the most popular plants to be used for decorating the home or interior design. It has an oval shape glossy and lush green foliage which grows bigger than adult hand size, and the plant itself has upright growth habit.

It can grow much bigger in nature but generally, indoor it grows up to 2~3m tall depends on the container size.

How to grow Fiddle leaf fig

Light: when you grow the fiddle leaf fig plant indoor, suggest to give them lots of bright filtered light. but make sure the foliage is not to be exposed to direct sun as it will burn the foliage.

Watering: We generally give water to our fiddle leaf once a week. but as all the pot and plant conditions are different, so would say.. allow the top inch soil to dry between each watering.

fertilizer: most of the indoor plant fertilizer would work for this plant, but we mostly use a slow-release fertilizer, liquid fertilizer once in 1~2month depends on the season.

in the warmer season, we're more likely to give fertilizer every month to encourage the plant to grow well.

How to care for fiddle leaf fig to keep look nice? & Common Issue

To make our fiddle leaf look nice, there are several things that we can do for our plant.

but first thing first, we need to give them a great location with the right amount of watering. give them a bright space to let them grow well, and don't give water too much to prevent roots' rotting.

My fiddle leaf has brown spots

the brown spot could be caused for 3 reasons. The root system, Burn, Too much water.

1) Tiny small brown spots ( mostly on the new foliage)

this is caused by the root system with water. but this tiny browning spot is very natural and once the foliage becomes mature, the brown spot becomes not noticeable or even disappear.

2) Brown spot like burnt

if your fig plant shows a brown spot especially looks like burnt, then yes your plant is too close to the window or the light is too strong in that position. recommend moving the plant a little bit

3) Brownish or a darker spot ( mostly quiet big area, tends to spread, becomes bigger)

It mostly happens by too much water or watering. if your fig tree potted in no drainage pot, recommend reducing the watering amount, a check is the plant is sitting in water or not.

On the other hand, if your plant is potted and has lots of drainage whole, give water less often could be a solution for this

Want to make my fiddle leaf foliage glossy and shiny

what we can do for fiddle leaf is, clean the leaves with a damp washcloth. By removing the dust on the foliage the plant can take more light properly and make your plant foliage look shiny. Some people use oil for the plant wipe, but we are more prefer to use lemon juice water.

My fiddle leaf looks leggy and not bush at all

to make your fiddle leaf bush, you need to give them pruning. Prune a fiddle leaf fig can cut off the weird stretching stem and also can encourage the new growth below the cutting spot and it will eventually give help to bush out your plant.

this is how I recently prune my fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig yellow leaves

there are several causes for yellow leaves, but if we select the most common 3 reason would be the foliage have been damaged by too much water, lack of nutrient, or nature.

if your fig plant shows a big brown spot on the leaf and has several yellowed leaves, yes the main reason is too much water. would suggest draining the plant or check is your fig plant is sitting on the water or not immediately.

when the fiddle leaf doesn't have enough nutrients, its entire plant becomes lighter in color and some leaves become yellowish too. in that case, if you give them fertilizer with good watering, light, it will recover and become lush again.

if your ficus plant shows one or two small yellow leaves (especially on the bottom foliage) during wintertime, you don't need to worry too much about it. it just your plant try to growing again well in the warmer season with saving energy during wintertime.

fiddle leaf fig propagation

To propagate the fiddle leaf plant, you may hear or watch that can propagate with the fiddle leaf fig foliage. I also so those articles before and I tried but well... the result wasn't that good. one of the foliage sprout the root but it didn't grow and survive.

actually what I think the best way of propagating is with fiddle leaf-cutting includes the stem. get cutting at least have 4~5 leaves on it, and remove 2~3 from the bottom.

except for the smallest foliage, the other one cut in half to minimize the plant energy usage.

and then? simply put in the water and wait till root is generated.

once the root comes out and reaches 2~3cm, transfer to soil.

If you want to know how to propagate fiddle leaf fig tree more, check out our another blog post here:

How to use Fiddle leaf to decorate my home?

The lush green foliage fiddle leaf plant can be used in various ways to decorate home. when the plant is small, you may pot in with small pot and place next to the window or put on the coffee table, shelves.

On the other hand, if your plant grows well, you can use this plant as a feature tree to decorate home. you can place it close to the wall, next to the TV or even the entrance.

if you want to watch a fiddle leaf decoration idea, click here to see my Pinterest, and if you want to put one for your home, click the bottom image.

thank you


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