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How to care Sansevieria (Snake plant)

Sansevieria which is commonly known as Snake plant or Mother in law's tongue plant is probably not a favorite plant from everyone but still very popular plant to decorate home, to be escaped from worrying and purifying air.

Sansevieria has several variety and depends on the variety, it has different pattern foliage, size and width but Ill deal with this information in near day.. ( couldnt get the image yet...!)

but generally they have pointed tip, with little think foliage and eye catching pattern.

How to grow Sansevieria?

Growing snake plant at home is especially great for plant beginner as its hard to kill it and doesn't need much attention. but to make our sansevieria growth better, lets check come factors that help our plant.

Light : This plant can be adjust easily on the light conditions, which means you can put either bit darker or brighter area. however, if you give them a bright space by filtered light from window, it will encourage your plant to grow more.

Water : Sansevieria don't need much water as it store water on their foliage in usual. I usually give water to my mother in law tongue plant once in 2 weeks.. but make sure to not give them water too often. otherwise the root might start rot out.

fertilizer : in warmer season (spring and summer) give them a slow release fertilizer to encourage their growth and every 6 weeks would be alright

What should i do to make my snake plant look nice?

snake plant generally grow bit slow, so you don't need to re-potting to keep it healthy. But, if you clean the dust on the foliage with wet wipe, it will be keep look nice. and again, giving too much water would be the worst thing that we can do to the plant.

How to decorate home with snake plant

the long and thin shape of snake plant can be perfect to decorate narrow area, perfect to be on corner of the room or next to TV and sofa. As most snake plant has distinctive pattern, instead of complex pattern pot, better to use plane and modern style white or black color pot to maximizing the contrast.

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Thank you everyone


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