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How to grow Alocasia macrorrhizos and how to care Alocasia elephant ears plants

If you are looking for huge, and full of lush green plants to fill up your home, choosing Alocasia macrorrhizos would be one of the great options.

How Alocasia macrorrhizos looks like?

Alocasia macrorrhizos which is commonly called as just alocasia, elephant ears plant is a popular huge indoor plant with strelitzia nicolai and fiddle leaf fig. It has a giant heart or elephant ear looks foliage with fresh green color leaves which can grows up to 1m in length.

Plant has upright, clumping growing habit , and it can grow 1.5~2.5m tall

How to grow Alocasia elephant ears plant?

Lights : to grow Alocasia indoor, placing the plant to somewhere has bright light through window. however, as the plant foliage is need to be avoided from direct sun to prevent to be burnt.

Temperature : the plant doesn't want to face the cold air. try to keep your plant above 15C, but if you grow indoor, generally don't need to worry about it.

Water : keeping the plant to stay in moist soil is good. try to plant them in a pot which has well drainage whole, and give them water mostly once a week. between watering, letting the top of the soil bit dry and in cooler month, you can water less frequently.

fertilizer : To encourage the plant grow, during warmer season feed monthly with liquid fertilizer or slow release fertilizer in every two months.

How to care my elephant ears plant?

To grow well alocasia elephant ear plant at home, we still think the most we need to care about is light and water. check one more time that your plant placed on proper position, and don't let the plant sit on the water.

if you found your plant foliage turns to yellowish, it could be comes from root rotting caused by too much water.

plus, to keep your plant foliage moister, its good idea to wipe our dust from the foliage with damp clothes and spray moist on the foliage frequently.

How to decorate my home with Elephant ear plants?

a truly stunning plant.. Alocasia elephant ear plant grow big and has wide attractive foliage. as the plant itself is bit brittle instead of place it on somewhere has many traffic, I suggest to place them on the corner of the house or give them a plenty of space so it can spread their foliage without concern.

this plant will suit with long style pot like strelitzia nicolai, but personally, with this plant, I think little lower design pot will go better as the foliage spread.

if you want to watch alocasia design example, click here to watch our Pinterest example. and if you want to grow one for yourself today? click the bottom image

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