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How to grow and care Alocasia Amazonica, Alocasia Polly at Home?

Sometimes we are seeking for something different plant.. different color, shape and... well something special for our home..!

and if you are looking for those plant, how about Alocasia Amazonica..?! Once you get to know about this plant, you won't be able to escape this plant attraction..!!

How the Alocasia Amaznonica looks like?

Good question..! Alocasia Amazonica which is also commonly called as Alocasia Polly has deep dark green with white to silvery vein on the foliage. The shape of the leaf is arrow shaped with wavy edges which reminds a solid shield.

The foliage of the alocasia amazonica getting big up to 40cm long, and grows up to 30~60cm tall in the best growing conditions.

How to grow Alocasia Polly?

- Light : Alocasia Polly loves to be bright light conditions..! the best position would be just next to the window but not touching it, and if you are growing outside, morning sun or partial shady area will be work. However, if you let your plant exposed on midday direct sun, it will be burnt

- Temperature : mostly between 18-27C which is indoor climate will work well for the plant but if the temperature getting blower than 17C it will discourage of growing.

- Water : When you care the plant inside of your house, once a week watering would be fine, but be sure to let top of the soil dries out slightly between watering. most importantly keep the soil moist evenly in usual and don't let the soil to be soggy or wet.

- Fertilizer : during the warmer season, give them a slow release fertilizer every 4 weeks to balancing the nutrient but in the winter time, once in 2-3 months is fine.

How to care my Alocasia amazonica in great conditions?

Loosing color and distinction..

it means it didn't get enough sunlight. so, please move your plant close to window or place it where get enough morning sunlight.

Drooping the foliage...

it means either too much water or too less water. try to give some change of your watering routine

Some small wholes on the foliage

it could be happen by insect or lack of nutrient. check your plant foliage closely, and if you find something, spray pesticide, but if you cannot find any, try to give them balanced slow release fertilizer

How to decorate Home with Alocasia amazonica?

Alocasia amazonica has eye catching foliage with deep green color. and to maximize this character, what I suggest is potting up with white or black simple, long design pot to maximizing the contrast effect. if you are using smaller size pot, it will go well on the shelves but if you put in bigger pot, will be great next to sofa, or table. :)

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