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How to grow and care Calathea Fusion White , White Fusion plant

If there is different plant which can bring your home decoration to another level, how would you do?

Today, I'd like to talk about this little tricky but the end of the beauty plant ... Calathea Fusion White.

How the Calathea Fusion White looks like?

Good question..! Calathea fusion white which is also often called as Fusion white has dark green with marbled pattern white marked on top, and has purple color underside. Its a wonderfully showy and decorative plant that can be used for home or garden.

The Fusion white grows up to 40-60cm tall, and Calathea is moderately fast growing.

How to grow Calathea Fusion White?

- Light : Fusion white loves to be bright light conditions..! the best position would be somewhere has lots of filtered light through window. however, direct sunlight wil lcause the leaves to fade and burn. this plant also can handle bit of shade, but the better the light conditions, the more colorful foliage you will get from your plant.

- Temperature : It loves to be in warm to high temperatures. Generally between 18-23C which is indoor climate will work well for the plant. it can also handle around 15C but it might slow down of your plant growth.

- Water : This lady loves to be moist. We would say around 2 times watering in a week will be fine but try to keep the soil moist and damp. However, definitely do not let them sit on water or in very wet soil.

- Fertilizer : during the warmer season, give them a slow release fertilizer every 4 weeks to balancing the nutrient but in the winter time, once in 2-3 months is fine.

How to care my Calathea white fusion in great conditions?

Wilting and turning yellow foliage

it means it didn't get enough water and moist. try to give water more until the entire soil wet enough and give mist spray to the foliage

Drying and burn mark

Probably your plant is exposed sun too much. check the sun light conditions, and test to move around your plant to find the best position.

Some small wholes on the foliage

it could be happen by insect or lack of nutrient. check your plant foliage closely, and if you find something, spray pesticide, but if you cannot find any, try to give them balanced slow release fertilizer

How to decorate Home with Calathea white fusion?

Calathea white fusion has eye catching foliage with deep green, white marbled pattern and pale purple on the bottom.. and to maximize this character, what I suggest is potting up with white or black simple design pot to maximizing the contrast effect.

when the plant is small, put in a small pot to make it round shape eventually but once it grows up, rectangular, Cylinder or even little tall shape pot will go very well with this plant.

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