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How to grow and care Dichondra silver falls

Dichondra argentea which is more commonly called Dichondra silver falls, or just Silver falls is one of the most popular plant to be used for house decoration and outdoor garden.

It has very cute heart shape foliage and has unique silvery pale green color leaves..! as it is ground cover plant and growing with long trail, there are several ways to decorate home or garden with this beautiful plant

How to grow Dichondra silver falls?

- Light : Dichondra silver falls love bright sun..! generally because of this sun lover character, I would like to suggest to use this plant only for outdoor.. somewhere has lots of light, but as far as you have wide window which let your plant get lots of sun, indoor is also fine.

- Temperature : This silver lady will grow very well on warm and dry conditions. During the winter time? it will slow down of growth but as it has frost tolerate, don't need to worry about your plant is dying

- Water : As referred before, silver falls love to grow in dry conditions. so, when you give them water, try to let top of the soil dry before you give then water again.. and most importantly give them a great drainage position..!

- fertilizer : in warmer season (spring and summer) give them a slow release fertilizer to encourage their growth and every 6 weeks would be alright

How to care Dichondra Silver falls to keep it look nice?

Um... I would say if you follow all of the list on top, I think you can make your silver falls look really nice. but if I add little bit more information... when you grow silver falls, you will face the situation either the foliage is drying out or stem and foliage is turning to black.

When it looks drying out, it needs to be more water, so give them enough water. however, if the soil is too dried, sink the plant with pot in water for a while until its all wet.

On the other hand, if the plant is turning to black? it means, your plant got too much water and starts to rotting out. in that case, if you give them water rarely, it will be fine.

How to decorate home or garden with Silver falls?

There are plenty of ways to decorate home or your garden with Dichondra silver falls..! as it is ground cover plant, you can plant along the drive way or garden bed to cover the ground, or you can plant them along the garden bed with an level and let them grows and falls to see trailing along the wall.

on the other hand, you can plant it in a pot with feature plant or even can put in hanging basket and enjoy the falling effect.

If you are ready to grow one for yourself, how about start from today?

Thank you


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