How to grow and care for Star jasmnie - Trachelospermum jasminoides care Tips

Star jasmine is one of the great climbing plant to use for ornamental and practical purpose on your garden. it is hardy, and can use it in various way to decorate garden.. today, will talk about how to grow and care for star jasmine.

How Star jasmine looks like?

Trachelospermum jasminoides which is much commonly called as Trac jas, Trac jasmine, or star jasmine is a great climbing and ground cover plant. as it grows up it makes long trail which is full of lush, and leathery foliage.

It can grows moderately fast and reach about 2-5m long. Star jasmine blooms full cluster of flower in warmer season, its white star shape with yellow on center, and has full of sweet scent.

How to grow Star jasmine?

To give them a great growing conditions, what we need to consider is..

Lights : Trachelospermum jasminoides love to grow in sunny spot. To maximize plant growth, plant or place them on full sun to part shade position.

Water : To see the best performing, give water once in a day in warmer season. but in the cooler season, you can reduce watering as it will not grows as in warmer season.

Fertilizer : actually for this plant you don't need fertilizer.. putting some compost on the ground will be helpful to let them grow. however, if you want you can feed them with balanced fertilizer in warmer season, or whenever you noticed the foliage color start to be faded.

How to care for Star jasmine to look nice?

there are several things that improve your star jasmine performing.

when you plant the star jasmine on the ground or pot, make sure the soil is drainage well so the root can get enough oxygen from the ground.

to make it look bush and healthy, one of the great ways are pruning as its encourage new growths and eventually will fill up the plant more. in the warmer season, if you want your plants to grow healthy and big, prune lightly and give them a feed. then it will respond and grow full.

How to use Star jasmine to decorate my garden?

Truly, Star jasmine is one of the great plant to decorate garden in a various ways. as the plant is ground cover, you can fill up your garden bed to make star jasmine blanket, if you want them to cover your wall, all you need to do is install few stakes or mesh along the fence so it can climb up and fill. Not only for that, you can put in a pot with structure to maximize ornamental purpose too.

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