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How to grow and care Hedera helix Variegata - English Ivy Variegated

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

If you are looking for smaller but has great looking foliage house plant, how about our Hedera helix Variegata?

Hedera helix Varegata which is commonly called as English Ivy, English Ivy variegated, Hedera helix, variegated English Ivy is one of the great plant that we can use for decorating home or outdoor garden..!

This English Ivy has attractive star shape of foliage with variegated white and green color...! As it is ground cover, climbing plant, there are several ways to decorate..

How to grow Hedera helix variegata

- Light: Hedera helix variegata love little bit of shade. if you decide to grow this at outdoor, part shade to shade area would be great, but on the other hand if you considering to grow indoor, somewhere has filtered light from window would be great.

- Temperature : this variegated English ivy loves to grow bit cool and moist conditions. During the winter? it can tolerate frost but will little bit slow down the growth.

- Water : when you grow indoor, I would say... once a week watering will be okay but, try to let the top soil dry between watering. and... plus, don't let them sit on water...!!

- fertilizer : during the warmer season, give them a slow release fertilizer

How to care Variegated English Ivy to keep it look nice?

as English Ivy doesn't like warm climate like other tropical plants do, place it on cool temperature, and if the stem grows too fast and has few foliage, give them a bit of trim to encourage it to be more bush.

How to decorate home or garden with Variegated English Ivy?

There are plenty of ways to decorate home or your garden with Hedera helix. as it is ground cover plant, you can let them cover your garden bed or along the drive way, or use this plant to cover your walls or fences.

On the other hand, you can put it in nice modern style pot and enjoy as it is, plant in hanging basket for falling foliage, or even train them and make topiary for extra decoration..!

if you are ready to grow one for yourself, how about start from today?

Thank you


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