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How to grow and care Peperomia caperata Red Luna

The reason for you need to start with Peperomia Red luna as a Plant beginner.

You want to put a lovely house plant for your home to have more clean air and nature feeling.. but you are hesitate because you worry to kill them eventually, how about Peperomia caperata which requires minimum care?

How Peperomia caperata Red luna looks like?

Peperomia caperata which is commonly called as Peperomia red luna has attractive appearance. It has heart shaped, deep rippled red foliage and grows approximately 20cm tall.

How to grow Pepromia Red luna?

This plant is a sort of succulent plant so requires not much cares.. but to grow them in better result, lets check which conditions do they like.

Light : Peperomia red luna love to grow in bright light conditions. for that, ideally better to place the plant somewhere got bright sunlight through window but it can tolerate low light which means it can grow in shady area too. However, if you growing them in shady spot, it will grow bit slower.

Watering : as this plant has semi succulent type foliage which can store some water in their leaves, don't required to be watered often. Generally we do give them water once a week or 2 weeks, and let the top of the soil dry out between watering.

fertilizer : we are giving them slow release fertilizer about once in a month in warmer season to encourage them to grow healthier, but in the cooler season as they are go into dormant, we are not giving them.

How to care Pepromia Red luna to be look nice?

Right. we just looked what would be the great conditions for our new plant. but sometimes the plant will not respond or can be look sick. and at here, lets find out some symptoms and how to handle it.

My plant doesn't seem to grow.. what's wrong with that?

Mostly Peperomia Red luna grow little slow. but if your plant is really doesn't look respond.. check the light conditions. if the plant is located too shady area, it could have been caused by that. Or if the temperature was too low, or winter season, as the plant went into dormant, that's why it doesn't look growing at all.

The foliage is becoming brown and looks like burn.

it could be caused by too strong sun. if the plant got strong sun light which is strong afternoon sun directly it will damage the foliage and leave burn mark. place it somewhere get filtered light through window, and if you have been placed too close to window? then move it little bit backward.

My Peperomia luna start to becomes darker and black color

it means the soil have been too soggy or wet and that's why the root couldn't get enough oxygen. give them bit more less water and make sure the half of the soil to be dried out between watering.

How to use my Peperomia Red Luna to decorate Home?

as Peperomia Red Luna has eye-catching foliage in shape and color, what I think is need to make stands out that feature on the plant. for doing that, I would use simple plane color modern style pot for contrasting and put them in small container so eventually it looks like round shape.

you can place the plant with pot simply on the book shelves, coffee table, next to bed or even office desk.

if you want to check how people use Peperomia Red luna for decoration, click here

and if you ready to grow one for yourself, click the bottom image

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