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How to grow and care String of Pearls

Unusual, but attractive plant is always make us happy to grow them. and today, I'm planning to talk about this fellow. String or Pearls.

Senecio rowleyanus - String of Pearls, String of Beads

Senecio rowleyanus which is commonly called as String of pearls or String of beads is a great collection for house decorate lover. it is hardy, care free and well growing house plant.

String of Pearls has fleshy green, pearl like foliage with trailing. because of this unique focal point, its being used for containers or hanging basket to decorate.

How to grow String of Pearls house plant?

To let String of Pearls grow healthy and look nice, there are several things to care about.

Light : String of Pearls love to grow in a bright conditions. try to keep it somewhere has bright light through window. but try to avoid them afternoon direct sun as it can burn the foliage.

Water : as String of Beads is a sort of succulent, it doesn't need much water. I generally give them water once a week or two weeks, and let the top of the soil dry out between watering.

Fertilizer : give them a slow release fertilizer in warmer season to encourage the plant growth.

How to care String of Pearls house plant to be look nice?

Sometimes you can check your String of pearls shriveling on the foliage and stem. and actually many people were in trouble with that.! to make our succulent to be healthy again, you might need to check these tree.

Under watering - shriveled light green to green color foliage

When the string of pearls didn't get enough water, their little round leaves begin to shrivel...

it is true that this plant is succulent type, but as the foliage and stem is small, it can store smaller amount of water than other succulents. so, it will be better to give water little more often than your succulent family.

Too much watering - becomes yellowish, brown or black and shriveled

it is funny to say about too much watering but too much watering can rotting the plant. and rotted stem, root can cause the shriveled and turning color of the foliage. to prevent, better to use a pot which has enough drainage wholes and let the soil dries out between watering.

Too strong sunlight - becomes fade, shriveled, and burnt mark

if you find this symptoms on your plant, it means its at the wrong position for the plant. move little bit away from window ( don't let them touch the window) or bring it in to bright shady area.

How to use my String Pearls to decorate home?

String of Pearls can be used in several ways to decorate home. you can put on the edge of the shelve to enjoy the falling trails, or place on table. on the other hand, plant in hanging basket and put on the wall also great idea..!

for me I also use in the different ways, its arrangement planting. because this plant has unusual looks, when I make succulent planter or pretty plant arrangement, occasionally use it.

If you are ready to grow one for yourself, what about start from today?

you can find our String of Pearls as click the bottom image.

thank you


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