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How to grow and care Zanzibar Gem Zz Plant

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

zamioculcas zamiifolia which is more commonly called as Zanzibar Gem plant or Zz plant is one of the most popular plants to be used for decorating the home, office, and our living spaces.

It has attractive glossy foliage with a compact growing habit, and most importantly, super easy to care :D

today, we'd like to talk about how we care Zanzibar Gem

To take care of the Zamioculcas zamiifolia,

there are some conditions to consider

  • Light

  • Watering

  • Humidity


This hardy plant can grow well both outdoor and indoor conditions.

It can thrive and perform well in most of the light conditions too but depends on the light conditions, it can cause various shapes.

if the Zz plant stays in the shady room, it will grow bit slower and become leggy as the plant will stretch to find lights. on the other hand, in the bright to medium light, it will grow compact.

we generally put them this plant in a room that has some windows and put at lease 30cm away from the window to prevent the foliage burning by window reflected heat.


As this Zz plant store water on their rhizome, and leaves, don't need to give water too often.

actually it will even thrive with irregular watering.

we mostly give water once in 10 days to 2weeks, and let the soil dry out between watering.


Placing a humidifier will give this plant looks more glossy and helpful to grow, but without a humidifier, it still performing super well and didn't cause any brown tips.

My Zz is bit weird

Too leggy and out of shape

It could be caused by a light amount or one direction light. If my Zz plant was in that situation, I would move them to a little more bright room or at least once in a day to 2 days will give it sometimes to absorb light as move the plant to another room.

Brown spots on the foliage

Your plant could be suffering from the reflected heat or too strong light. move the plants a little more away from the window, or change the position.

Yes..! I think we have been gone through pretty much all about how to care ZZ plant today..!

We hope your Zz plant grows well and make you happy :D

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Thank you


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