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How to grow and How to care Fittonia Snow Anne, Nerve plant

Are you big fan of making Terrarium or Plate garden? or loves to decorate your home with full of attractive plants? then, definitely you will like this plant... Fittonia Snow Anne

How the Fittonia Snow Anne looks like?

Good question..! Fittonia Snow Anne which is also often called as Fittonia white star, Nerve Plant has truly deep green color edge with deeply veined white pattern on the foliage. This wonderfully showy plant grows very compact with only about 15 cm high, so for the minimalist who is looking for small plant, this one would be perfect.

How to grow Nerve Plant?

As the Fittonia plant is native to tropical rain forest, it love to be in similar conditions of rain forest. however, don't worry. as long as you follow a few guidelines, you will see your fittonia growing full of health on your home.

- Light : Fittonia can grow in wide range of light conditions from bright filtered light to shady spot. but low light can cause these plants to revert to green or losing the veins color, and as they would be flourish on the bright spot, so if its possible give them somewhere has lots of filtered light through window.

- Temperature : It loves to be in warm to high temperatures. Generally indoor climate will work well for the plant. but as this plant cannot stand frost, if you grow outdoors, try to put them in during the cooler month.

- Water : The soil should always remain moist due to the tropical nature. We would say around 1 ~2 times watering in a week will be fine but try to keep the soil moist and damp. However, definitely do not let them sit on water or in very wet soil.

- Fertilizer : during the warmer season, give them a slow release fertilizer every 4 weeks to balancing the nutrient but in the winter time, once in 2-3 months is fine.

How to care my Fittonia Snow Anne in great conditions?

Wilting and Limp foliage

it means it didn't get enough water and moist. try to give a mist spray once or twice in a day along with regular watering.

Drying and burn mark

Probably your plant is exposed sun too much. Check the sun light conditions, and test to move around your plant to find the best position.

Pruning Fittonia

Fittonia can grow quickly if they are on the right conditions. to make it bush and look healthy, encourage the plant growth, pinch off the tips of leggy stems or cut off the flower spikes which let the plant use all energy to growth.

How to decorate Home with Fittonia Snow Anne?

Fittonia Snow Anne has eye catching foliage with deep green edge, white pattern.. and to maximize this character, what I suggest is potting up with white or black simple design pot to maximizing the contrast effect.

as the plant itself grows small height, it will go very well in a pot and put on a coffee table or shelve, put along the window. on the other hand, some people plant together with other plant, put in a hanging basket or even use of Terrarium.

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