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How to grow Callisia repens Pink lady and how to care for Callisia repens pink panther plant

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Beautiful pink and light green variegation with adorable foliage... Callisia repens pink lady

Short video of How we grow Callisia repens

How does the Callisia repens look like?

Callisia repens which is commonly called Callisia pink lady,Callisia pink panther, turtle vine plant is an Easy care, and adorable Indoor plants. It has attractive pink and light green stripe pattern leaves that grow compact and trailing.

How to grow Callisia repens

  • Light: Recommend to place this beautiful Callisia pink lady in bright to medium light conditions.

  • Watering: We generally give water to our Callisia pink panther once a week to 10 days whenever the top inch of the soil slightly dry. This Callisia plant loves moist soil but not wet. So, recommend not to give overwatering.

  • fertilizer: most of the indoor plant purpose slow-release fertilizer or liquid fertilizer would be suitable for this plant. During the warmer season, we mostly give every month but if the weather is cooling down, we reduce to once in 2~3 months.

How to care for Callisia repen to keep look nice? & Common Issue

To keep the Callisia pink lady plant healthy, the things to consider is not much as its easy-care plant and hardy.

but if you want to clean the dust on the foliage, instead of using a cloth recommend using a smooth brush.

Common issues for Callisia pink panther

Browning foliage and stem

Could have been caused by three reasons. 1. too less water 2. too much water 3. Sun burn

when the plant doesn't get enough water ( hasn't been watered too long) from the edge of the foliage it starts to shrink and turn brown. On the other hand, when we gave too often water, or when the plant is sit in the water, it can cause root rotting and turn to mushy and eventually brown after dried out.

Mushy and deep brown to black color stem

This mostly happens when we gave too often or too much water on Callisia repens plant.

when we gave too much, it starts from the root and stem and slowly turn into deep brown to a black color and become mushy.

Losing color

To keep the Callisia pink color, sunlight is very essential. if the plant stays at the shady spot, it will become fade and losing pink color.

Callisia propagation

There are two main ways to propagate this plant.

  1. From stem cutting

  2. Dividing the root ball

For the stem cutting propagation, theoretically, all we need to do is cut between nodes and place on moss or plant in soil.

I've tried to propagate in this way before, but unfortunately, it didn't work for me...;-;

However..! I'm planning to propagate this plant again soon so, when I succeed in propagating this plant, Ill update this section :D

How to use Callisia repens to decorate my home?

Callisia repens are growing low and compact. As it has beautiful color and requires low maintenance, it will be suitable for an office table, home desk or even on the bookshelves.

On the other hand with the trailing character, we can decorate our home with a hanging basket to enjoy falling trails

Yes. That's pretty much everything for today post.

Hope you had a better understanding about Callisia repens pink panther, and

if you want to have one for you or a gift, check out our plant availability as click the bottom image or link.

Thank you

Kind regards

favourgreen (Hansoo)

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