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How to grow Camellia sassanqua and how to care for sassanqua camellia

Not only for dark green foliage screen but if you also want to enjoy big and high scent flower on your garden, how about consider Camellia sassanqua?

How Camellia sassanqua looks like?

Camellia sassanqua which is normally called as just Camellia is one of the fantastic shrub to be used as feature tree or screen for privacy. it has oval shape foliage with fine tooth edge, dark green color and glossy leaves.

Camellia brooms during the spring or autumn, it makes beautifully big and high scent flower which contrasting with deep green foliage. The flower color and shape are different depends on the variety, but generally have white to pink color flowers.

It grows moderately slow and reach up to 5m tall, 4m width.

How to grow camellia sassanqua?

Lights : Camellia sassanqua loves to grow in partial shade position to perform best. but it can grow in full sun position too but during the summer, it might cause burning foliage.

Watering : When we are growing camellia on the farm, we are giving water every day. Probably during the winter you can give them water once in 2 days as the plant will be slow down, but except for that, giving them water regularly and drainage soil will help the plant growth.

Fertilizing : The most recommend time is spring and summer. You can give them feed in the spring when the camellia flower start to fade to recharge their energy, and in the mid summer to encourage their growth.

How to care for camellia sassanqua?

as camellia has shallow root system, it can dry out easily during the hot summer. to prevent that and make the soil keep moist, placing the mulch around the camellia is helpful.

and plus, as the camellia prefer Acidic soil, check the soil PH level and manage with some product.

How to use camellia for designing our garden?

Mostly people use camellia sassanqua as feature plant or hedge for their garden. and as the plant can be compact with regular pruning, you can make simple topiary ball or rectangular shape with your camellia.

if you want to check how people used camellia for their garden, click here to watch our pinterest.

are you ready to plant one for your home? then click the bottom image.

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