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How to grow Casuarina Glauca and how to care for Cousin It plant

If you are looking for ground cover, unique appearance, tough and also Australian native plant for your garden, here is one great plant that we can introduce today. Casuarina glauca.

How Casuarina glauca looks like?

Casuarina glauca which is well known as Cousin It plant is a great low growing plant for cover the ground, rocky area. It has dark green and hair-like foliage which is long trailing. It grows up to 10-15cm tall and 1m wide.

How to grow Cousin It plant?

Once Cousin It plant established on your garden, as its tough, it can endure many conditions. and for help our plant to establish quick, what we need to consider is

Lights : Cousin It plant loves to grow in bright light. Try to plant this on full sun to part sun position, and it will work much much better at outside than inside.

Watering : When we grow them in the farm, we are literally giving them water once in a day. once the plant established on your garden, as it can tolerate drought, you can give them water less than before, but until the plant to be established, we suggest to give them water everyday with enough amount.

Fertilizer : We generally feeding them in the warmer season to encourage of plant growth, and about once in 2 months should be okay for the plant.

How to care my Cousin It plant?

Yes. Cousin It plant is tough, less care required than other outdoor plants. however, I have seen few people who cannot save this plant until they grow enough on their place. and most of the case were.. The foliage turns gray, whitish color, thinner and looks drying. and if your plant looks like this.. that means with high chance it needs more water. Give them enough water so plant can be happy. give them water until whole soil can be wet and let them drainage.

How to use my Cousin It plant for decorating my garden?

as ground cover plant, the cousin It plant grows low but spread with long foliage. this plant can be used for rockeries or spilling down embankments and even for pot.

what I generally saw was, many people use this plant on the leveled garden bed or slope for falling trail effect than planting on the plane ground.

if you want to check more Cousin it plant design, click here to see our pinterest.

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