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How to grow Epipremnum aureum (Devils Ivy, Snow queen, Marble queen, Goldilocks)

Epipremnum aureum which is commonly called as Devils Ivy is one of the most popular plant to be used for decorating home because of the several benefits..!

Devils ivy has lovely hart shape foliage with different pattern depends on the variety, and it has climbing habit with trail.

- other devils ivy -

How to Grow devils ivy?

Devils ivy is very hardy and... not even got killed easily by plant beginner..! but to make our plant grows healthier, lets check some factors to encourage our plant..!

Light : Devils ivy is growing well weather its indirect light, filtered light, part shade or even shady. however, if you give them a enough sun light position through window, it will grow bit faster than usual.

Water : Devils Ivy loves to be moist soil but not wet..! to growing indoor, generally once a week watering would be enough, but try to make top of the soil dry between watering.

fertilizer : giving a slow release fertilizer in warmer season will definitely encourage the plant grow healthier

How to care Devils Ivy to keep it look nice?

If you are looking for long~~ trail devils ivy, its okay to just leave it... but if you want to make it bit more bushier, give it a clean trim on the top of the foliage close to main stem. then, it will encourage the plant to grow bushier.

and if you see black (brown mark) on the foliage or yellow leaves, of course can take it off by snap or trim to look better, but generally this symptoms happen when the plant got too much water, so need to manage the amount of water or period.

How to use my Devils Ivy to decorate home?

Devils ivy can be used in several ways. some people put the plant on the ground to cover the ground, put support to make them climb up or put in a hanging basket and enjoy the falling trails.

The way of decorating is absolutely up to your preference, but mostly normal devils ivy (green with yellow marbled pattern) is going well with black modern style pot or coconut fiber hanging basket for make it looks nature feeling.

if you are ready to grow one for your self, what about start from today?

you can find our devils ivy from bottom image :)

thank you..!


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