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How to Grow and Care Golden Cane palm | Dypsis lutescens | Indoor Palm Cares

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

If you are looking for a feature plant to grow well, how about Golden cane palm? Golden cane palm is hardy, attractive, and can be great indoor plants to add modern feeling on your home and office.

How Golden cane palm looks like?

Dypsis lutescens which is commonly called Golden cane palm is a decorative hardy tropical palm. it has a lot of stems which is golden - yellow color and the foliage is reminding feather with each fine leaves.

This palm tree grows up to 6-8m tall with 2-2.5m width when it planted outdoor, but if you keep it indoor with pot, it will grow considerably smaller.

How to grow Golden cane palm?

Light: Golden cane palm love to grow in bright light conditions. please place this plant somewhere get lots of bright light through the window. but at the same time, place little away from the window to prevent foliage burnt by reflected heat.

Water: It depends on the pot, living conditions but mostly once week water would be great. when you give them water, try to place the plant at the balcony and give water until all soil to be wet. Let the top of the soil slightly dry between watering would be great.

Temperature: most of the indoor temperature is suitable for this plant. but, if you growing at the balcony, the sudden temperature drops in falls or winter can cause brown spots on the foliage.

fertilizer: with golden cane palm, giving slow-release fertilizer every two months is enough for the plant. Especially, during the warmer season make sure to give them feed so it can encourage to grow up more

How to care Golden Cane Palm in good conditions?

The golden cane palm foliage and stem turning yellow

In general, this palm has a slightly yellow color on the stem and leaves compared to other palms. but, if you think your palm becomes too yellowish, it can be caused by the sun or watering amount. if you let your palm to sit somewhere has too strong light, it can make the foliage bit yellowish and eventually can make it burn or when you give them too little water, the tip of the foliage starts to turn yellow.

Foliage turning brown

this also can happen for 2 reasons. one is because of the dry air, less water and the other is frost damage. if your plant grows indoors, it may not because of the frost damage, so try to mist on the foliage to increase the humidity or place mulch on top of the soil would help too.

(In my case, I'm not really using a humidifier, but whenever I give water, I'm giving lots of water so all soil can be wet enough, and covered grabble on top to let the soil slowly dry out.)

However, there is a case that seems like without any reason, lower leaves turning to brown, but this is nature happening. Originally old foliage turn to brown and die.. so in that case, just simply cut off to make the plant keep look nice.

How to decorate home with Golden cane palm?

as the golden cane palm is growing big and eye-catching plant, it is very popular to be used as a feature plant at home. Many people plant this on a modern style rectangular shape pot or cylinder shape pot and place close to the door, next to the balcony or sofa. On the other hand, you can use this plant to make your space more feels like tropical :D

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