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How to grow monstera minima and how to care for mini monstera

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Monstera have been always favorite house plant to people because of its unique looking foliage. There are plenty of monstera variety and we are here to talk about Monstera minima today.

How the Monstera minima looks like?

Rhapidophora tetrasperma which is much more aware by Monstera minima or mini monstera has attractive foliage. The foliage is an architectural shape with several wholes on the leaves and has deep green color.

Rhapidophora tetrasperma grows mostly fast and will reach up to so while you growing them, you can be surprised by their growth.

How to grow monstera minima?

Even though you are a plant beginner, you can start with mini monstera as it's a super easy care plant. here is great conditions that your monstera minima will be happy :

Light: mini monstera loves to grow in the bright sites. Place them somewhere get lots of filtered light through the window. then it will return you with healthy, fast growing. however, it can also handle less light conditions, but it will slightly slow down the growth.

Water: mostly we are giving water once a week to the plant, but make sure the plant is not sitting on the water by too much watering and keep the soil moist with well drainage soil.

fertilizer: Once in 2 months are okay with slow-release fertilizer, but especially don't forget to give them in the warm season as it will encourage plant growth.

How to care mini monstera

Caring monstera minima is pretty much the same as how to grow monstera minima but if I add a little more, when you see your monstera starts to turn yellow and looks weaker, it means there is a high chance of your plant got too much water. check the soil condition as puking your finger in to soil, and if its too wet, try to drainage the water.

On the other hand, if the plant starts wilting, it means too little water, so give them more water.

How to use my monstera minima to design, decorate my home?

To decorate your home or living space, there are several ways to use monstera minima.

if you want to make monstera minima bigger and make it a feature plant, you can put a moss pole as support for your monstera. then, it will start to climb, cover it, and eventually, you will have a big feature plant.

On the other hand, the other way to use this for decorating is, you can plant it in a hanging basket or in a pot and hang it or place them on top of the shelf to enjoy the falling trail.

if you want to check some examples of designing space with monstera minima, click here to watch our Pinterest.

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