How to grow Murraya paniculata and How to care for Murraya plant for our garden

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Spending time with family make us happy always. and to do that, one of the thing that we need to have is.. privacy..! today, lets get to know about a great privacy offering plant.. Murraya paniculata

How Murraya paniculata looks like?

Murraya paniculata which is commonly called as Murraya, Orange Jasmine, Orange jessamine is one of the favorite hedge plant to be used for privacy screen at Sydney area.

The plant grows moderately fast, reach about to 4m tall and 3m width, and has lime green new foliage, deep dark green mature leaves. one more great attraction of this plant is, during the warmer season, it blooms small flowers, which has yellow color at the center, it smells like citrus and attract bees to your garden.

How to grow Orange jasmine?

Light : Orange jasmine love to grow in sunny spot. Give them full sun to part shade position to let them grow well.

Water : Murraya requires very moderate watering once they establish. but until that giving them water once a day will help them to establish well. Plant them in well drainage soil, and make sure the plant is not sit on the water.

Fertilizer : Give slow release fertilizer at least once a year. However, if you want to encourage your plant to grow well, give them light trimming in the spring time and give them feed with well balanced fertilizer.

How to care Murraya plant for our garden?

To keep your Murray look nice and build good looking hedge, make sure the plant is planted in well drainage soil, give them enough water everyday.

When you planted and grow them for build hedge, trim lightly often to make the plant bushier on the side and bottom, pruning from corn shape to rectangular to let plant to connect from the bottom properly.

How to use Murraya for my garden design?

The Murraya plant is Ideal for border or hedge for your home. but as the plant is grow dense and compact, you can use this plant as specimen plant with making simple topiary too. as the plant has good scent, try to put the plant where you can enjoy the smells.

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