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How to grow Peperomia Polybotrya 'Raindrop' How to care for Rain drop peperomia

Peperomia is one of the great plant that we can grow at home quiet easily. It grows compact and slow, so doesn't need much care, and it can tolerate in wide range or growing conditions.

How the Peperomia polybotrya raindrop looks like?

Peperomia Raindrop is a great compact plant which has thick glossy foliage. the foliage is lovely heart shape which is reminding rain drop, and it is green to deep green color.

It grows compact and reach about 30 cm tall in good conditions, and eventually the plant will be full of adorable raindrop foliage.

How to grow Peperomia raindrop?

As the Peperomia raindrop tolerate most of the growing conditions so, it will help you to relax, but to give them a better growing condition, what we need to know is..

Light : as far as the plant is not exposed by direct sunlight, the plant can grow well. Ideally will be good to place them somewhere has lots of indirect sunlight from the window, but this plant can grow well in shady spot too.

Watering : Peperomia raindrop is sort of succulent type plant. if you check the foliage of this plant, you will see its thicker than other plant foliage. so, it means you can give them water less often than other plants. I still give them water once in a 10 days or so, but let the soil dry between watering.

Temperature : if you are growing indoor, mostly you don't need to worry about it. but if you potted in pot and growing outdoor, try to let them inside during the cooler month so the plant will not be damaged by cold weather.

Fertilizer : Peperomia raindrop doesn't need much fertilizer. just give them well balanced fertilizer once in a month or 2 months during the warmer season to encourage their growth.

How to care Peperomia to look nice?

To keep your Peperomia look nice, I would say most important thing is watering.

even though I already refereed on top, Peperomia raindrop has succulent type of foliage, so doesn't need much water. but with this plant if we give too much water, and if the root is in to water or keep being wet, eventually it can cause rotting and make your plant turns black and die. so, lets remember... water, water, and water.

How to decorate my Peperomia raindrop?

To decorate your home with Peperomia, as the plant has simple outlook with one color, you may can try to match with characteristic pot such as lined up pot, pattern pot. or if you love modern and simple style, plane white color rounded shape goes very well with peperomia raindrop as well.

because the plant grows compact, you can place it next to window, coffee table or book shelf.

if you want to watch more example of how people decorate Peperomia raindrop, click here to watch our Pinterest,

and if you like to grow one for yourself, click the bottom image.

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