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How to grow Philodendron Birkin and how to care

Easy care, attractive, and good for decorating home... Philodendron Birkin.

How Philodendron Birkin looks like?

Philodendron Birkin is one of the hardy and easy care philodendron. It has glossy dark green color with creamy white strip pattern on the foliage, and the each foliage grows up to about 20cm.

The plant itself grows about 50cm tall, and its getting bush with clumping as it grows.

How to grow Philodendron Birkin?

To let our Birkin grows well, better conditions that we can give is..

Lights : This plant loves to grow in bright room..! place them in somewhere got filtered light through window.

Watering : Philodendron Birkin loves moist soil. When you planting, put well drainage soil and give them water whenever the soil is slightly dry. Generally, we are giving water once a week, but if the weather is getting colder, you probably can do once in 10 days too.

fertilizer : feed philodendron once in two months with slow release fertilizer. during the colder months, you don't need to give them feed but to encourage the plant to grow well, feed it in warmer season.

How to care for Philodendorn Birkin?

To keep your birkin looks nice, what we need to care is light and watering. if you have little issue with the plant? mostly it comes from here. as referred before, give them a good light conditions and water to soil moist. however, it doesnt mean make the soil wet with too much water. if the plant is sitting in wet soil, it will start rotting and looks bad eventually.

as this plant come from rein forest, it loves to be in humidity conditions. To make our plant to be extra humidity, put mulch or pebble on top which will keep the soil moist, and mist it

How to decorate my home with Philodendron Birkin?

Its glossy foliage with variegated pattern is definitely eye-catching. you can use this plant for somewhere to make stands out such as corner of the house or next to sofa with side table or even shelves.

To match with pot, personally as the plant has really attractive foliage, its better to make the foliage stands out with using modern, simple design pot instead of complicated pattern or too much painting.

if you want to check how people used Philodendron Birkin for decoration, click here to check our pinterest.

Are you ready to grow one for you? then, click the bottom image..!

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