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How to grow Phlebodium aureum, how to care Blue star fern?

when you think about fern.. what image is coming up in your mind? Dark green, moistured fern.. and something like nature forest images comes up for me. however, if there is a fern which looks like artificial and has little different color with texture, what do you think?

Today, I'd like to talk about this interesting and hardy plant ... Phlebodium aureum.

How the Phlebodium aureum looks like?

Good question..! Phlebodium aureum which is mostly called as Blue star fern has attractive blue - green color with bit dried feeling texture on the foliage. This Dreamy outlook plant can be used for decorating home or garden.

Blue star fern grows up to 30-40cm tall, and it is moderately fast growing.

How to grow Blue star fern?

- Light : A good news for us..! This dreamy looks blue star fern can grow in low light conditions..! its happy to grow in indirect light or little shady spot. Direct sunlight can damage the foliage so, just be aware about it

- Temperature : blue star fern can handle most of the indoor temperature, so if you are planning to put one at home, don't really need to worry about it. however, if you want to put it on outside, and its cooler area, try to bring them in during the winter as they cannot cope with frost and cold weather.

- Water : This lady loves to be moist a lot. We would say generally 1 time watering in a week will be fine but try to keep the soil moist. However, definitely do not let them sit on water or in very wet soil.

- Fertilizer : This plant doesn't need extra fertilizer for keeping it look nice, but if you give slow release fertilizer during the warmer season, it will encourage your plant to grow more.

How to care my Blue star fern in great conditions?

Wilting foliage

it means it didn't get enough water and moist. try to give water more until the entire soil wet enough and give mist spray to the foliage

Drying tip and burn mark

Probably your plant is exposed sun too much. check the sun light conditions, and test to move around your plant to find the best position.

Yellowing leaves..!

it could be happen by too less water or too much water. as we talked too less water case on top, will talk about too much water case.

if your plant grows in darker places, actually little less water is required for the plant. if you wee this symptoms try to give them water not straight to the center, but watering slowely along the edge of the pot.

How to decorate Home with Blue star fern?

Eye catching foliage of blue star fern is great for decorating home. you can potted up in modern style pot and place at the corner of the house, or can keep it in bathroom shelves.

when the plant is small, put in a small pot to look nice, but once it grows up, rectangular, Cylinder or even little tall shape pot will go very well with this plant.

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