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How to grow Polka Dot Plant, How to care Hypoestes phyllostachya

I think many people love to see green in

their home because its make us feels like we are in full of life and fleshing. However, sometimes we are prefer little different.. like eye catching plant... and today I'd like to talk about this eye catching plant. Hypoestes phyllostachya.

How Hypoestes looks like?

Hypoestes phyllostachya which is more commonly called as Polka dot plant or freckle face plant is one of the great eye catching plant for your home and garden. It has dark green foliage with white, pink, or purple color splash, dotted pattern on the foliage depends on the variety.

In the nature, it can get up to 1m height and width, but if we grows indoor with container it will be smaller.

How to grow Polka Dot Plant?

Mostly it can grow well in the home.. but to see our plants' best performing, what we need to consider are..

Light : Polka dot plant loves indirect sun position. filtered light to shady spot is ideal but don't place them too close to window or let them to be exposed by direct sun as it will end up with burnt mark on the foliage.

Watering : Regular watering is required for this plant to keep the moist on the soil. Ideally give them water about once in a week and try to top of the soil slightly dry between watering. however, in the cooler season, as the plant starts to grow slow, give them water sparingly.

Fertilizer : to maximize the plant growth and health, give them slow release fertilizer every 2 months in the warm season.

How to care for Freckle face plant

if you want to maximize the color contrasting on the foliage, place them on the shady spot. however, once you place the plant shady spot, it can cause the plant to be leggy and spindly.

What I can suggest is place them somewhere has bit of filtered light such as somewhere got window and whenever the plant seems to be too tall, bit leggy, trim the main stem on top. then, it will stop the plant to keep growing to upright for a while and at the same time will encourage to shoot out bottom foliage.

How to decorate home with Polka dot plant?

Obviously there are plenty of ways to decorate home with Polka dot plant. but for me, as the plant has already big character on the foliage, I'd choose simple design pot cause i want to give chance to this plant to be show off their attraction..!

Simple and less pattern pot with plane color will go well and place them on corner of the house or somewhere not get attention often to get that place more attention.

if you want to put one of them in your home, click the bottom image to see our product.!

thank you


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