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How to grow Sansevieria hahnii and how to propagate sansevieria hahnii, dwarf snake plant

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant for plant diary is Sansevieria hahnii

Sansevieria hahnii which is commonly called dwarf snake plant, bird's nest snake plant has compact and grow low habit. Same like other snake plants, this dwarf snake plant is also hardy, easy care and purifying air very well

Dwarf snake plant care


Dwarf snake plant can grow well in bright to low light conditions. but when you place this snake plant in the bright room area, it is recommended to put it a little away from the window as it can cause foliage burn by reflected heat or too strong light.


for bird's nest snake plant, as it can store water on their foliage and root, doesn't require often watering.

I generally give water about once in 2 weeks to 3 weeks depends on the seasons and conditions, but if you are not sure, you can water once their foliage start to wrinkled.


for the fertilizer, I use the slow-release fertilizer and give it about once or twice a year. :)

Since my bird's nest snake plant had been fully grown in the pot, I needed to decide whether propagate or transfer to a bigger pot. For me, If this plant was a normal snake plant, which will grow taller and fuller, I might have done transferring to a bigger pot, but because bird's nest snake plant tends to stay short, so decided to propagate.

Bird's nest snake plant propagation

To propagate Snake plant, there are two ways propagation

  • Water propagation

  • Dividing propagation

each of snake plant propagation has pros and cons.

as water propagation is generally use leaf cuttings, so with one plant, we can generate more than dividing propagation. however, because it requires more time to grow plant as it needs to generate root and sort of growing from beginning.

On the other hand, dividing propagation is maybe cannot make as much as water propagation but it is much faster to multiplying the plant. and I personally think this has higher chance to succeed as well.

Dividing propagation snake plant

To dividing propagation, I took the plant out from the pot, and gently break the root one by one. To minimize the damage, you can use a sharp scissor or knife to cut the main root, but for me, I just snap it with my hand.

while I'm waiting for the cuttings to be callus, I mixed some soil to give well-draining soil to my small snake plants. I simply mixed some potting mix and perlite with 2:1ratio to increase drainage

after waiting around 4~5hours for the sap to be dried, I filled up the pot with mixed soil about 1/4 and put the plant, and finished the planting :)

Snake Plant Leaf cutting propagation

Snake plant leaf cuttings can be propagated in 2 ways; soil and water.

I've seen a lot that many nurseries doing propagation with leaf cutting in the soil.

However, I used my sansevieria leaf cuttings for water propagation as I feel more comfortable with this way.

To propagate, I cut the foliage into 3 pieces to increase the number.

after cut the foliage, I place them in the shady and well-ventilated area to let the sap dry well and healed the wound enough.

and then, put in a small container and filled water just enough to merge the cut area to minimize the chance of rotting.

so, yes. that's pretty much everything for Sansevieria hahnii plant care tips and propagation. I actually filmed the process of propagating this plant for my Youtube channel about a month ago, and because of busy schedule, I wasn't able to update on time.

but in the meantime, the dividing propagation snake plants are quite established...!

Since few of my dwarf sansevieria successfully propagated with dividing propagation I decided to small Plant Giveaway event as thank you for all the support and love

Here is how to participate:

1. Like this post and share to someone who loves snake plant on SNS

2. Leave a comment where would you like to put this plant at your home for decoration

  • On this blog event, there will be 1 winner, but you can attend the event on Youtube and Instagram as well.

Click here to Participate on Youtube

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  • The winner will be announced through video on 6th August through my Youtube channel.

  • Due to the postage regulation, I only can send this within Australia but not TAS.

Thank you and good luck..!

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