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How to grow Sansevieria Trifasciata Moonshine how to care for snake plant moonshine sansevieria

Truly elegant, modern look and Rare indoor plant... Sansevieria trifasciata moonshine

Sansevieria moonshine is one of the most popular indoor plants as easy plants to take care of and one of the best air purifying plants.

How does the Sansevieria moonshine look like?

Sansevieria moonshine which is commonly called a snake plant, mother in law tongue plant, moonshine sansevieria is a Great Purifying air, Easy care, and Unique looking Indoor plants. It has attractive silvery-white green leaves that grow compact and has a clumping growth habit.

How to grow Moonshine Sansevieria

  • Light: Recommend to place this beautiful moonshine plant in bright to medium light conditions, but this easy-care snake plant can adjust well in bright to low light conditions as well.

  • Watering: We generally give water to our moonshine plant once in 3 weeks. As the plant doesn't like its foliage to be wet, try to give water slowly on the edges of the pot. Small tips for watering would be, wait till the plant looks slightly dry on the stem and give enough water.

  • fertilizer: most of the indoor plant purpose or cactus fertilizer would be suitable for this plant, but we mostly use a slow-release fertilizer once a year during the warmer season.

How to care for snake plant moonshine to keep look nice? & Common Issue

To keep the moonshine healthy, the thing to consider is

Wipe the foliage with a dried cloth.

Moonshine doesn’t like its foliage wet, so use the dried cloth instead of wet cloth for removing dust.

Too much fertilizer and water is the worst cause for this plant. If the plant becomes soggy, and brownish or darker check the pot drainage. There is a high chance that your plant is sitting in water.

Moonshine Propagation

There are two main ways to propagate this plant.

  1. From leaf cutting

  2. Dividing

For the leaf cutting, take out the foliage close to the base of the mother plant, let it dry the cutting part for 1~2 days to be callous before transplanting it.

Either deep in water about 2.5cm or well drainage potting mix, and place them in indirect sun position.

However, as the moonshine plant grows slowly, it will take at least 3~4 months only for having a couple more foliage.

The quickest way of propagating will be Dividing.

If your moonshine plant has a couple of stems on the pot, gently pull out and brush out the potting mix from the root.

If you find the main root that connects the plants, cut with a sharp garden scissor, let the cutting part dry, and plant in a new pot with a good drainage potting mix.

How to use Moonshine to decorate my home?

This unique modern looks indoor plant can be used in every room for decorating. As the plant is hardy, adjust well in most conditions, and requires less care, it's suitable for home, office or even cafe.

But as the plant itself loves dry conditions, recommend to place them in the bedroom than bathroom or toilet :D

Yayyyy..! I think we have been gone through pretty much all about how to care sansevieria trifasciata moonshine ..!

We hope your moonshine plant grow well and make you happy :D

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Thank you..!


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