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How to grow Snow queen pothos and how to care Epipremnum aureum

Snow Queen Pothos which is one of the variety of Epipremnum aureum is one of the most popular house plant because of its beautiful appearance.

Snow Qeen Pothos has lovely hart shape foliage with different pattern of emerald green with creamy white color make this Ivy more special

How to Grow Snow queen pothos?

Snow queen pothos is a hardy , evergreen vine that can grow over a meter tall. and to encourage our plant to grow more, what we need to care is..

Light : This devils ivy can grow in bright filtered light, part shade or shady area. Wether place this plant on bright spot or shady spot, it will still grow well, but if you want them to grow bit faster and healthier, bright window site would be perfect for the plant..!

Water : Snow queen loves to be moist soil but not wet..! to growing indoor, generally once a week watering would be enough, but try to make top of the soil dry between watering.

One tip for growing snow queen is, instead of no whole pot, the pot which has drainage whole will make the plant perform better.

fertilizer : giving a slow release fertilizer in warmer season will definitely encourage the plant grow healthier

How to care Snow queen to keep it look nice?

As the Snow Queen Pothos is hardy plant, if you place on the right place and give water regularly it will make you happy with its healthiness. however, Sometimes, this Devils Ivy shows us some sign that we are caring them in a wrong ways.

Yellowing foliage

Devils ivy loves to stay in well drained soil. if your Snow queens foliage turn yellow, it means the soil have been too wet. check the drainage and let the soil bit more dry out between watering.

Black dots on the foliage

black dots on the foliage is also happen when the water is too wet. check the drainage and let the soil bit more dry out between watering.

Limp and wilted foliage

It means the plant got too less water. when you give water to the plant, try to put the pot on the balcony and give water until you can check water comes out through drainage.

How to use my Snow queen pothos to decorate home?

Snow queen can be used in several ways to decorate home. you can put on the shelve, table or book shelve, or plant in hanging basket to enjoy falling trails. on the other hand, can plant with support to make them climb up.

The way of decorating home with Snow queen pothos is absolutely up to our personal preference , but for me, as the Snow Queen Pothos already have attractive foliage, I usually match with plane, simple design pot to make the plant more stands out.

if you are ready to grow one for your self, what about start from today?

you can find our Snow queen Pothos as click the bottom image.

thank you..!


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