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Plant to have in your room.. Peace lily care, How to grow Spathiphyllum how to care for Peace lilly

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Peace lily which has the botanical name of spathiphyllum is one of the most popular indoor plant to have in your room. It's easy to care for, adjust well in most conditions, and also blooms beautiful white flowers.

How Spathiphyllum look like?

Spathiphyllum which is commonly known as Peace lilly is one of the most and most popular house plants in Australia. It has elegant and sharp looks foliage with an upright growing habit. Mostly in the warmer season, it blooms eye-catching white flowers with a hood like a sheath

Spathiphyllum has several varieties such as Spathiphyllum wallisii, Petite, Sensation, Domino, Mojo Lime.. etc and they grow about 30cm tall to 1.8m tall depends on the variety.

How to grow Peace lilly?

The peace lily is well known as easy care and hardy plant. Growing peace lily indoor tip would be...

Spathiphyllum light:

For the spathiphyllum light requirements, you actually don't need to worry about it too much as peace lily can adjust well from bright to the low light room unless there is a window to get filtered light. however, if you want to encourage your peace lily to bloom or grow a bit faster, the best light for peace lily would be a bright room.

Watering Peace lily

Spathiphyllum love high humidity. Plant them in well-draining soil and give them water regularly to make the soil keep moist. Generally, generally we are watering peace lily once a week during the warmer season, but let the top of the soil bit dry between watering.


as peace lilly is originally a tropical plant, better to keep them above 16C which is if you grow them indoors, don't need to worry about it. however, if you are planning to grow them outdoor, during the wintertime, let them into your place to keep the plant in good condition.


With well balanced, slow-release fertilizer, once in 6 weeks would be great for the peace lilly during the warmer season to encourage growth.

How to care for Peace lilly to keep looks nice?

To keep your peace lily look nice, there are several things that we can do.

1. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater.

To keep the soil moist, we can put mulch or decorative pebble to give extra humidity to the plants. if we are not giving them enough water, the foliage will slowly turn yellowish and brown but if we give too much water, it will start to rot and turn blown-black (mostly its becomes squash).

To make sure the plant is not sitting on the water, better to have well drainage whole pot.

2. Positioning Plant

it is true that peace lily can handle shady areas. however, if you want to enjoy the beautiful flowers of this plant (which is lasting around 2 months..!) give them a well-lit sunlight position.

if you decided to place your peace lily into a bright area, there is one more thing to be careful of. Do not place your peace lily too close to the window. This will let your peace lily foliage burning by window reflected heat.

The sign for your peace lily is burning is the foliage is turning to grey - yellowish overally.

How to decorate our home with Peace lily?

one of the best plants to have in your room, the peace lily is one of the great plants for bedroom to clean air. it will go well with simple design pot such as white, black, charcoal plane modern style pot. some people put the plants in cylinder shape pots, but I think it's also going very well with cone shape flower pots.

if you want to see how people match peace lily with pot, click here to check our pinterest

and if you want to grow one for your home, click the bottom image.

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