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How to grow Strelitzia nicolai for indoors | Grow White Birds of paradise at home

If there is a plant which is working perfectly as an feature plant at your home with its eye catching foliage and beautiful flower, how would you like to do? here is the plant that we want to introduce today. Strelitzia nicolai.

How Strelitzia nicolai looks like?

Strelitzia nicolai which is commonly called as Bird of Paradise or Giant White Bird of Paradise is one of the most attractive plant can be grown at indoor and outdoor. It has large banana like fan shape foliage with dark green color, and its bloom dark purple and white flower heads which looks like a bird in warmer season.

If the plant is grown outdoor, it can be reached about 6m tall but if you keep it indoor with pot, the plant will grow relatively.

How to grow White Birds of Paradise?

Strelitzia nicolai is pretty hardy. it can withstand drought, light frost and bit of neglect. But main factors to take care about is..

Lights : if you growing outdoor, plant them in semi shade position, so the plant will not get burn. on the other hand, if you grows indoor, give them a space which get bright sunlight through window. it will help the foliage remain in good conditions.

Water : Giving water once a week is fine in general case but let the top of the soil dry between watering. the plant has drought tolerant.

fertilizer : I'm currently giving the fertilizer once in 2 months with slow release fertilizer. and especially trying to make sure to give them in warmer season to encourage grow healthier.

How to care Giant white birds of paradise?

If you growing the plant indoor, to keep your plant look nice, give them a position which get lots of sun light through window.

Time to time, there is a occasion that the plant needs to be pruning, at that time, all you need to do is with sharp scissor, cut the stem as close as the main stem.

My plant tip turns brown

this problem can be caused by several factors. it can be over watering, burn from fertilizer root rot or too dry air. If you gave too much water, let the soil drain enough at the balcony, and make sure the pot is filled with well drainage potting mix. too dry air can be handle as spraying moist on the foliage or putting humidifier will be help.

How to decorate my home with Birds of paradise?

the beauty of the plant foliage color and shape is great source to decorate our house. as the plant grows big, it can be placed next to door, entrance, or work perfect to filling up the corner of your house.

most of the simple plane color pot suits very well with this plant, but if you want to give more bright feeling with contrast, white pot will go well. but on the other hand black, or charcoal color pot will give more modern feels.

if you want to check how people used their Bird of paradise to decorate home, click here to check our pinterest.

and if you would like to put one for your home? click the bottom image.

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