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How to grow Stromanthe sanguinea tricolour Stromanthe triostar Care Tip

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Stromanthe sanguinea tricolour which is more often called as stromanthe tricolour or stromanthe triostar, tricolour is one of the fascinating plants that can grow very well in the house, office and our spaces.

A short video of how I grow Stromanthe sanguinea

To take care of the stromanthe,

there are some conditions to consider

  • Light

  • Watering

  • Humidity


As this plant had been grown in the rainforest which has lots of shade and humidity, if we bring them to indoor, it would be good to place somewhere gets filtered light.

we generally put this plant in a room that has a huge window and put a bit away from the window to prevent the foliage from burning by window reflected heat.


they love to be moist, but like other plants too, It doesn't like their root to be kept wet. so, we give water whenever the top of the soil is slightly dry, and try to control water. mostly we found it once in 7days to 10days is fine depends on the conditions.


I strongly believe humidity is one of the crucial tip for Stromanthe care. Putting humidifier is very helpful to keep the stromanthe triostar plant to be looks nice, because, it will be helpful to prevent browning tips of the plant.

Why my Stromanthe is droopy?

I'd seen my Droopy stromanthe like about to say goodbye to me... and yes it is so much frustrating. if one of your stromanthe plant is showing droopy foliage, it could e one of these reasons.

Wrong care

if you let them too much dry out, too much water or too much heat can cause droopy foliage. in that case, what we can suggest is, check the soil first and then check the distance from the window.

if the soil is too dry, obviously they need a good drink, and if it's wet, have to check the root is sit on water or not. mostly if its caused by too much water, you also can check the foliage and stem is soggy and brownish or even close to darker color.

Damaged or impacted on your stromanthe sanguine root

this can be caused while we do transfer the stromanthe to other pot. mostly, if the plant root is not much damaged, it will be slowly recovered by itself, but to prevent, when you transfer the pot, try to not break the root balls.

Natural happening

if your stromanthe tricolor is became droopy even though you cared well and haven't transferred recently, then it could be just because of its nature.

what we found is, our Stromanthe is generally during the daytime, its expanding the foliage and closing the leaves during the night time. (we assume the reason might be they expand to get more lights and close to save their moist, energy and heat)

Stromanthe Propagation

To Propagate Stromanthe plant what we can do is dividing. this triostar plant has clumping growth habit, and when the plant becomes full, you can take out from the pot, and divide the root and replant.

Here is how we did Stromanthe plant propagation :)

I think we have been gone through pretty much all about the how to care stromanthe tricolour..!

We hope your stromanthe grow well and make you happy :D

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Thank you..!


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