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How to grow Syngonium Podophyllum plant, how to care Arrowhead plant?

There are a lot of Syngonium out there... like pinkish one or other stuff.. but honestly green with white pattern of plant always give me fresh feeling..!

and today, what I'd like to talk about this plant has that color patter..! Syngonium Arrow plant.

How the Syngonium Podophyllum looks like?

As a great striking house plant, Syngonium podophyllum which is also called as arrowhead plant, Syngonium arrow has attractive white pattern on the lush green foliage. when the plant is younger, the foliage is close to heart shape but as it get older, it turns to arrow shape.

Syngonium arrow grows upright when its immature, but as it grows up, it will start to trailing the stem and reach up to 90 cm- 1.5m long.

How to grow Arrow head plant?

- Light : Syngonium plant can grow in low to medium light setting but also will grow well on the filtered light position.

- Temperature : This plant prefer warm, and humid conditions. if you are growing this indoor, there should be no problem at all but if you grow outdoor, when the weather is get colder, suggest to bring them inside.

- Water : Syngonium arrow plant loves moist conditions. especially during the warmer season, keep the soil lightly moist to encourage plant to grow more, and in cooler season, can reduce watering. However, don't let the soil completely dry out..!

- Fertilizer : give them a slow release fertilizer during the warmer season in every 1~2 months.

How to care my Syngonium in great conditions?

As Syngonium is hardy plant, if you cared properly it will not suffer from pest, disease generally. the most care part would be watering with light. Don't let them sit somewhere has direct sunlight, and also manage water so it will not dry out or sit on water.

if you want your plant to be compact instead of becomes long and hanging, try to trim the longer foliage whenever you found it. it will encourage new growth to come out and make it bush eventually.

How to decorate Home with Syngonium plant?

as this Syngonium arrow plant can handle bit of shady area, you can put this plant in a modern style pot and place on the corner of your home. because this plant has distinctive pattern foliage with two color, I would say.. instead of using many color mixed pot, one plane color pot will go better for entire design perspective.

when the plant is younger, try to put in a small pot and place on the shelves or coffee table

but once it grow bigger and start trailing, plant in a bigger pot with support so it can be feature plant with climb, or you can put in a hanging basket and enjoy the falling trail.

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