How to grow Viburnum odoratissimum and how to make Viburnum hedge for Garden

If you walk around the Sydney residential area, you will notice that Viburnum is one of the most popular hedge plant here. Let's get to know about this great hedge plant now..!

How Viburnum odoratissimum looks like?

Viburnum odoratisimum which is more often called as Viburnum, Viburnum odo, Sweet Viburnum is one of the most popular hedge plant in Australia. It has elliptical shape of bright lime green new shoot and dark green mature foliage. In the warmer season, it blooms with white cluster, the scent of this flower attract birds to your garden.

Viburnum odoratissimum grows very fast about 0.3~.6m every year, and can form dense hedge with bit of trimming. it grows up to 4-5m tall and width.

How to grow Sweet Viburnum?

Once the sweet viburnum established on your garden, as it can tolerate most of the conditions such as frost, drought, disease, insect and will form great screen for you. to do that, great conditions for growing Viburnum is

Light : full sun to part shade. Viburnum loves to get sun a lot..!

Water: Once the plant is established, you can give them water once in two days or one day, but if you just planted, or your plant is still in the nursery pot, give them water once in a day with enough amount.

Temperature : as the plant tolerate frost, we can say it can grow all of the area in Australia, but during the cooler season, it will slow down of growing.

Fertilizer : Viburnum is not heavy feeder but, definitely will get benefits from feeding. when the spring is coming, you can give them feed to encourage growing, and again after bloom is fall to fill up their energy.

How to care Viburnum to look good?

To make your viburnum perform well what we can do is, plant them in good sunny spot, with moist but well drainage soil area. when you planting, if you mix the soil with cow manual, it will help them to give extra nutrient.

Why my Viburnum burn? Dried and very brown tip on the foliage

During the summer time, if the weather is too hot (like over 39C) the top of your viburnum foliage might burn, but as the plant grows really fast and will cover with new shoot, don't need to worry.

How to make my Viburnum to form dense hedge for my garden?

Viburnum has little bigger foliage than other hedge plants like Murraya or lilly pilly. however, still you can make very dense hedge with this plant..! to do that, what we can recommend is, when you plant your viburnum, until the plant get bush enough, keep trim the top. once you trim of the top, and bit of tips it will encourage the bottom foliage to grow and eventually will grow very bushy.

How to use Viburnum for my garden?

 Sweet viburnum is perfect for screening, hedges and feature planting. You can either plant on the ground or pot, and as it grows super fast, it will help you to have nice screen for your privacy.

If you want to see how people used their viburnum for their design, click here to see our pinterest.. and if you are ready to grow viburnum? click the bottom image.

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