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How to grow Viola hederacia and how to care for australian native violet for your garden

Tough, Australian native, Minimum care.. Viola hederacea

How the Viola hederacea looks like?

Viola hederacea which is commonly known as violet, Australian native violet is a great compact growing ground cover plants. It has interesting foliage with rough round shape with dark green color.

The vioilet bloom very cute white flower with purple color on the center during the spring or even autumn.

How to grow Violet plant?

As the Australian native violet is very tough, it can grow well in most of the conditions, but better conditions for the plants are

Light : this plant can grow in full sun to part shade position, but prefer partial shade. if you grow them in full sun, it might burn the foliage during the hot summer.

Water : Once the plant is established on the ground, it can be watered 1 times in 2days, but until the plant is established, and to make them perform well, suggest to give water once in a day.

fertilizer : Giving feed once in warmer season to encourage growth.

How to care for violet hederacea?

To make our violet perform well, what we can do is keep the soil moist. try to plant them on well drainage soil, and especially during the warmer season, keep it moist.

if you planted violet in shady spot, as the evaporation will happen less than sunny spot, the soil will dry out much slowly than sunny spot. so keep it in your mind and manage the watering.

How to use Australian native violet for our garden?

Because of violet is tough and growing well in most conditions, many landscapers or gardener use this plant for ornamental or practical purpose.

With this ground cover plant, you can plant on the garden bed to cover it, between pebbles which has small gaps or even filled up bare spot on your garden caused by shade. Some people also use this as lawn substitute

if you want to check how people used Violet on their garden, click here to watch example through our pinterest.

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