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How to make Kokedama easily? favourgreen DIY Project.. lets make Monstera Kokedama

Monstera Kokedama Project | How to make Kokedama DIY

Hello Green People..!

I've been always thinking one day, I'd like to make Kokedama for myself. and be honest, because i didn't know where can I get all the materials.. I couldn't do this project. But, fortunately, I found all the materials and made my first Kokedama recently..!

So, today I'd like to share how I made Kokedama and what material did I use.

Materials for Kokedama

  • Plants

  • Potting mix

  • Slow release fertilizer

  • Dried Sphagum moss

  • Jute Rope

  • Fish String

  • Coconut Fibre

  • Bowl

  • Water

Are you prepared all materials for Kokedama? then, lets start now..!

How to make Kokedama?

1. Prepare Sphagnum moss

Open and take some Sphagnum moss and chill in water for about 15 minutes. Some people use dried moss straight to make kokedama but, I was thinking if I use dried moss, it will not tangle and stick together easily so I put in water and let them wet.


Once your moss wet enough, take out and squeeze out water, and place in a board or board with round shape

3. Prepare Potting mix for making Root ball

In a bowl, put water, potting mix with handful slow release fertilizer and mix together. at that time, to attach on the plant root and form the shape properly, don't make the soil to be too wet or too dry.

4. Making a Root ball

Take out the plant from the pot and with the prepared moisten potting mix, make a ball shape with adding soil. when you make the root ball, its totally up to you, but for me I didnt take out the attached soil from the plant. the reason is because, I didint want to damage the plant, and if I make bigger root ball, it will have much nutrient which can encourage plant growth.

5. Cover with Sphagnum moss

Once you finished the plant with root ball, place on the Sphagnum moss and cover the root ball. try to fill up all the gap but as we will cover one more time, don't need to be too much stressed out.

6. Cover with Coconut Fiber

Cover with Coconut fiber on the top of the Sphagnum moss. at this time, as this is the most outside, fill up all the gap so we cannot see the moss or soil inside.

7. Wind up Kokedama with Fish string

To make it tight, wind up kokedama with Fish string. the more you wind, the more round kokedama you will get. but, try to avoid plant area so it will not disturb of plant growth.

8. Make pattern with Jute Rope for your kokedama

Once you done by 7, now with relax mind, slowly wind up your kokedama with Jute Rope. as this is the most outside surface which we can see, make the nice pattern or look pretty.

9. Finished..!

if you followed until here, well done..! All you need to do is tied up tight and put string to hang on the hook.

Hope this article helped you to make Kokedama.

and if you want to watch the full version of video, click the bottom link.

thank you


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