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How to make Terrarium? Easy decoration Item for House

Hi, everyone..! this is favourgreen.

there are plenty of items to decorate our healthy plant in modern style pot, succulent planters, or even flower bundle. however, if you can put some forest feels nature at home, how would that be great?

and for that... today, I'd like to share How to make Terrarium easily..!

Today materials are

- Charcoal

- Potting mix

- Boston fern and Fittonia ( you can use other fern too..! )

- 3~4 stone

- Pebble

- Moss

- Jar

- Blush

and once you prepared all materials, then lets start..!

1. Put pebble around 1cm high in the jar and brush smoothly to make the surface flat.

(once you put pebble on the bottom, it will help the extra water to be drained)

2. Once you done pebble layer, for purifying water put charcoal about 0.5cm layer and then put potting mix with slope.

3. Now its time to place the stone..!

You can place it as you desire, but for me I placed stones with triangle shape and with biggest stone at the back, and smaller one on the front.

after that, brush in soil around the stones to make it little more firm ( at this stage, stone will not be firmed properly but don't need to worry about it)

4. Its time to put some moss.

When you cut moss patch, you can detach by hand too, but then its not going to make clean cut, so try to use scissor.

Cut the moss as you need and put the moss between, behind or front of the stones except for the place for planting

5. Take small piece out from your mature fern or fittonia (make sure it has root) and make little whole on the soil for plant, then place the plant with tweezers or chopstick carefully and cover the root with soil using brush.

6. Done..! here is your Terrarium..! after finish work, give some water with few spray, and wipe the glass with tissue.

So? how was it?? its pretty easier than we thought isn't it? I also filmed when I make this Terrarium and if you want to watch all process that I made, click here to watch the video.

I hope you succeed of making your own Terrarium and found this article was helpful.

Thank you..!


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