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How to make Topiary planter for your home | House plant topiary, Moss topiary

Hi, everyone..!

this is favourgreen

It was last week? before last week?

I tried topiary project and it turns out very well.!

so, I'd like to share how I made this lovely house plant topiary.

To make this topiary I start from last time project

which I made with Sphagnum moss and fish string.

so, if you haven't followed and made one for you yet,

click the bottom image and make basic topiary first.

the Material for today is

last week topiary

water glue


Sphagnum moss

Pin (it will be eye for our topiary)


small house plants




if you prepared all the materials? then lets start.

1. Put the glues on the topiary and attach dried moss

at that time, don't really consider about the shape but try to put glues one by one area and put dried moss compactly. at that time, what you need to make sure is, you need to make topiary moss also wet enough to be bond well with new attaching moss.

once you finish your work, it will turn out like this

2. Keep adding Sphagnum moss and making shape

once you done before work, we need to prepare absolutely wet moss.

to make it, prepare water in a bowl and put some dried moss and water glue.

and then, with that moss, keep attach on the topiary ball. in this case, as the moss is wet, if you squeeze as the original shape of topiary, you can easily make the shape.

3. Let the topiary dry and trim it

for about 2 hours, put the topiary somewhere has shade and get some wind to dry to glue water. once the topiary ball is dried, with sharp scissor, trim gently along the shape.

4. Prepare eye, nose, and planter basket for topiary.

Once you made topiary shape with trimming, leave the topiary for a while and make plant basket. for me, I simply bend some wire and compact the moss and put potting mix with bit of fittonia or other house plant.

making eye and nose is, I just purchased pin from office work. for the nose, I put 3 pin together with triangle shape and fixed with glue gun and then sprayed black paint on both of them.

5. Put eye, nose and plant basket on the topiary

if you followed by here, well done.! you are almost finished your project.

just simply plug in the pin on the topiary for eye and nose.

at this time, to make them sit properly, cut little bit on the spot that you are planning to put the pin, and put some glue on the topiary.

and then... done..! you just made one of your topiary for your home..!

for giving them water, just simply spray on the soil and make the basket bit wet, so it can make the plant keep moist.

thank you for reading the article and if its still difficult,

watch my video as click the bottom image.

thank you everyone again, and Ill see you with another DIY project in few days.


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