How to make your own Topiary planter for your home | How to make Topiary planter

Only one planter for me.. Topiary planter | How to make Topiary planter DIY

Hello Green People..!

Nowadays, I've been looking for some pots to sell or decorate my plants at my place.. and I don't know why but its so hard for me to find pot plant or pot wholesale place..!

but then It got me thinking that if I cannot find the pot, how about make one for my self? and this is the result that i did last time..! so, today i'd like to share how I made this little planter and bit of feedback for your to make better one :)

Materials for Topiary planter

  • Plants ( any indoor plants that grow bit small)

  • Potting mix (only handful)

  • Dried Sphagum moss

  • Fish String

  • Bowl

  • Water

Are you prepared all materials for Topiary? then, lets start now..!

How to make Topiary?

1. Prepare Sphagnum moss

Put some Sphagnum moss and chill in water for about 15 minutes to make it more tangle and stick together easily.

2. Draw a sketch to understand what you make

While we are waiting for the moss to absorb enough water, quickly sketch what you want to make. and while you drawing, try to figure out how many pieces do you need to make it.

3. Squeeze the moss to make shape

Once your moss wet enough, take out and squeeze out water. at that time, make few peaces that you figured out while we drawing the sketch.

4. Wind up with fish string the moss ball

Wind up each moss ball with fish string. at this stage, we are not making the shape detail so don't stressed out because its not working properly.

5. Making a shape with moss

now is time to make the shape that we like. try to put fish string through the each moss ball and wind up together. at that time, don't try to put too many things in one time but make the shape in few pieces

like this :)

6. Finish

Once you make all pieces with the shape that you want, join all together as you just did at the number 5, and cut left over string.

Hope this article helped you to make Topiary planter

and if you want to watch the full version of video, click the bottom image.

thank you


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