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How to propagate Devils Ivy? - Don't buy it but Grow Devils Ivy by yourself

Hi, everyone..!

I have been selling plants but nowadays because of the corona virus and also weather is becoming cold, I've decided to use my Devils Ivy for propagating instead of selling.

so, before I start, lets quickly check what is Devils ivy

Devils ivy is one of the most popular indoor plant to be used for decorating home in worldwide. it has lovely shape of foliage, attractive pattern (depends on the variety, all different..! ) and most importantly its not easily die..!

that's why people loves this plant to grow or use for decoration..

more information about Devils Ivy

then, lets finish short explanation about Devils Ivy and lets start to talk about propagating.

For propagating, I usually do 3 steps.

1. Waiting until the plant form root

2. Propagate devils Ivy on water

3. Propagate Devils Ivy on soil.

and this time, Ill more talk about Propagate devils ivy on water.

To Propagate Devils Ivy on water, what you need to prepare is..

well established Devils Ivy, A container to fill up water, and a pair of secateurs ( if you don't have sharp scissors would work too..! )

Once you prepared all stuffs, its time to cut the plant for propagating. if you see closely your devils ivy stem, you will see this little fellow which is called nodes..

small nodes on the stem

Sometimes, devils ivy already had pretty much established root, and in that case I would say... you really don't need to worry about it. however, if your devils ivy only have small nodes like image, its better to leave at least 3 nodes on a stem to maximize the chance of rooting out :)

then, how do we cut?

cutting stem is so easy..! once you found the nodes of the plant, give a cut close to the nodes with an angle..!

<cutting stem with an angle close to nodes>

Then? All we need to do is put the cutting on the water...! at that time, try to put all nodes or root in water but not foliage. if you use clean water, it will help your plant to propagate and try to change water once in a week

Hope this post were helpful to you and if you are planning to buy a devils ivy, I do have plenty of healthy one, so check it out at the bottom link. :)

Thank you everyone


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