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Japanese buxus - How to grow Japanese box plant

Are you looking for some plant to make small hedge on your garden? then how about one of our most popular plant.. Japanese buxus?

How Japanese box looks like?

Buxus microphylla japonica which is commonly called as Japanese buxus, Japanese box or boxwood plant is one of the most popular hedge plant to be used in Australia. This plant has about 0.2cm long oval shape foliage with bright green new growth and dark green mature leaves.

it grows up to 1.5m tall and 1m wide and because of its dense and compact growing habit, very popular to be used for small hedge or topiary.

How to grow Japanese buxus

Japanese buxus is very hardy and less care required plant. but Japanese buxus preference growing conditions are..

Light : this plant loves sun..! place them on full sun to part shade position. it also can grow in shady spot but, if you grow in shady spot, there is a chance that its not growing as usual and may need more pruning.

Watering : in our farm, we are giving them water once a day. if you just planted the plant, give them water once a day until the plant to establish their root on the new soil, and then, once its established, you can reduce the amount of water.

Fertilizer : We are giving feed once in every 3 months to keep the foliage look green and healthy with topdressing fertilizer

How to care for Japanese buxus to be look nice?

to keep your buxus look nice, what I can say would be choose the right position to plant and trim it on time. the buxus can grow well in full sun to part shade position, so keep it in your mind and plant it on the well drainage soil to make their root happy. give them regular watering and regular trimming will be helpful to make them to grow compact and keep them in a shape.

How to decorate my home with boxwood plant?

Japanese buxus plant is one of the most popular plant to be used to decorate garden in Australia. because of its compact and dense growing habit, it can be used as small hedge along the drive way, garden bed or many people make topiary with this plant to give extra ornamental effect on their garden.

Are you ready to grow this plant? click the bottom image to see our japanese buxus

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