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Great House Decoration Item... Terrarium

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

easy to care, highly decorative item for house

Since I started to selling plants to people... I've been so much cough up for work. but, recently I found one video regarding Terrarium and, yes..! for the first time ever, I made this small terrarium on last Sunday :)

even though this time I couldn't take several pictures while I was working on it.. (because i didn't know i'm going to post it here..) but I'll try to explain as much as possible.

Terrarium Materials

- Pebble (bunnings)

- Charcoal (Gro)

- Potting mix (bunnings or Gro)

- 3 Small stone (outside)

- 2 boston fern (favourgreen)

- Moss (outside)

How did I make Terrarium?

To make the Terrarium, what I did was placed pebble, charcoal, and potting mix in order at the bottom of the jar. as the jar doesn't have drainage whole like pot, i thought the soil area needs to be lift so, cannot wet at all the time. plus, with charcoal, it will keep purifying the bottom water.

and then, put small stone as looking good, and filled moss between the stone.

I thought inside of the terrarium would be moist, so moss and fern will suit very well, and that's why I choose boston fern to plant it.

after that? give spray on the rock, plants and moss to wash out some dirt and wipe inside of the jar.

hope it will stay, and grow well and Ill see you with another post :)

Thank you..!

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