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How to Grow and Care Monstera Deliciosa: Care Tip to grow Monstera Success

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Huge Monstera Plants

Monstera Deliciosa which is commonly called Monstera, Fruit salad plant, Swiss Cheese plant or Split leaf philodendron is one of the most popular plants to be used for decorating indoor nowadays.

This plant has dark and lush green foliage with several wholes which reminds cheese ( that's why it's also called Swiss cheese plant)

Monstera Plant in Cozy Basket
Monstera with basket

How to grow Monstera Deliciosa?

Actually growing Monstera at home is pretty easy as it is a hardy plant which can survive in most conditions. but, to be a succeed house planter.. let's check some factors that help our monstera growth.

Quick tip for growing monstera indoor

  • Light: Bright to low light, but recommend a bright room with indirect sunlight

  • Water: Generally once a week water monstera but let the top of the soil slightly dry between watering

  • Fertilizer: During the Warmer season, once a month liquid fertilizer


for the monstera light conditions, lucky for us, it's actually adjusted well in bright to low light conditions. However, if you are willing to see your monstera growth recommend placing monstera in bright room conditions with avoiding direct sunlight.


Monstera watering is as the monstera delicious came from the rain forest, it loves humidity and moisture. we generally give water once a week, but letting the top inch soil slightly dry between watering.

Please be aware that Monstera doesn't like to sit on the water. if your monstera foliage color is turning to yellowish or turning brown, black it could be too much water.


In the warmer season (spring and summer) give them a slow-release or liquid fertilizer to encourage their growth and every 4-6 weeks would be alright

this is one of our monstera that used to grow :D

How to care Monstera Deliciosa to keep it look nice?

Monstera Deliciosa Pruning

As the monstera grows quite fast, if you trim monstera it will turn into more bush and healthy monstera. For me, whenever it grows too big (in a height) and looks a bit empty on the bottom, trim the top of the foliage close to the main stem. Then, it will encourage the new shoot from the down stem and eventually will make the plant full of monstera leaves.

Monstera Moss Pole

On the other hand, we can put a moss pole together. Do you remember that monstera love humidity? and yes. the wet moss from the pole will consistently give moisture to the monstera and will encourage to produce larger foliage and make it climb.

Repotting Monstera

if the monstera root has been grown so well and filled up the pot entirely, giving a new home for the plant is a great decision to make you monstera bigger. The bigger space of the new pot will allow the root to grow more, and it will make your monstera much bigger and grow faster.

Often Questions about Growing Monstera Deliciosa

Q: Can Monstera grow outside / Can Monstera grow Inside?

A: Yes. Monstera can grow both outside and inside. For the Monstera deliciosa care outdoors, one of the most important things would be a light condition. Place them somewhere that has some shade to avoid the direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will burn the foliage in the end.

Q: Will Monstera grow back after cutting?

A: Yes. in our experience it grows back after cutting. Many people do cutting not only for the shape of the plant but also for monstera propagation, or just cleaning up the ugly foliage.

the new foliage will generate lower than cut stem in general.

Q: Can Monstera grow in water?

A: This question is a little bit hard to say clearly, but yes I would say it grows in water too.

when you propagate monstera from cutting, you can propagate from water (not with soil) and you can keep grows in water unless you keep changing the water once a week.

But mostly we recommend transferring to the soil once the cutting has enough root as it can get more nutrition from the soil

Monstera Deliciosa Propagation

The Monstera plant is so easy to propagate.

To propagate, what you need is, sharp gardening scissor, jar, and water.!

as I referred before, I mostly trim off when my monstera becomes leggy, and whenever I cut the foliage, I prepare a Jar with filled up with clean water (I usually use tap water) and just simply put monstera cutting in there.

But to succeed in monstera propagation, what I suggest is...

  1. Wait for the monstera foliage to have air root and let them grow about 15mm or longer

  2. Cut the stem about 20~30mm below the air root

  3. Prepare clean water in a jar and put your monstera cutting

  4. Place your monstera cutting in the bright room to root out quick

  5. Give times to root out, and once it has a big, established root, transfer to soil.

This is my monstera water propagation video and it took around 1month to have

Extra Tip for your first Monstera

You can find monstera plants in many places but if you bring your plant for the first time, there is a little tip to remove flies or bugs easily.

Our recommendation is, when you brought new plants, give water with soap water first and leave it outside for a while before you bring it in. The soap water can be easily made with dishwasher and water, and the smells of the soap water will kick away the files and small bugs or alternatively, you can spray nim oil on the plant and soil as well :)

Now we have gone through pretty much about how to care Monstera deliciosa..!

now all you need is finding a handsome monstera plant..!

We have decent size monstera with a beautiful modern style ceramic pot in our shop, so if you have an interest, click the bottom image.

Thank you


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