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How to propagate PEPEROMIA SCANDENS VARIEGATA and Cupid Peperomia care tips

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant diary is Peperomia scandens plant

Peperomia scandens which is often called Cupid peperomia is a great indoor plant that is hardy, easy to care for, and also has adorable cupid shape foliage.

this peperomia scandens is variegated version which has light green and creamy white variegation color on the foliage.

before I start my peperomia growth recod diary, let me explain a little bit about the peperomia scandens for someone who is not familiar with this plant :)

How to care for Peperomia scandens

of course to grow peperomia there are more things to consider, but I think if you can manage these three factors well, your peperomia scandens will grow well.

  1. Light

  2. water

  3. fertilizer

Light for Peperomia

For growing peperomia scandens I mostly place this plant on the medium and filtered light condition. It loves to grow from bright to medium light, but since the plant foliage can burn by storng light, reflected heat from the window, I try to give distance from it.

Watering Peperomia scandens

Peperomia is a sort of succulent which store water on their foliage. that's way they don't need often watering. it is depends on the environment but I mostly water this plant once in 10 days or whenever the top 1~2inch soil is slightly dry.

Honestly, overwater, rotting is the most common reason that people lose peperomia plant, when I water, I try to avoid to wet the stem, and after I water I put it in well ventilated area so excessive water can dry quick.

Fertilizer for Peperomia

I don't think peperomia plant requires often fertilizer. About this plant, I haven't give any fertilizer for about 6month, and be honest, it looks fine.

however, I still prefer to give fertilizer every 2 month during the warmer season. In that way, the plant can get enough nutriention and grow quicker and fuller.

Peperomia scandens Propagation

A month ago, I trimed my peperomia scandens because it was being too leggy and I wanted to propagate as well.

I made couple of cuttings with this plant while I trim and used them for propagating in water.

if you want to know how I did, check out my video on the below.

Since my peperomia scandens cuttings rooted well in the water, I do believe I can do aqua cultivation as well which allows me to not only for the foliage and plant, but also the roots in the water.

However, If I grow the plant in the water, personally I think it requires a bit more work such as; changing water regulary, washing the glass occasionally, and give fertilizer ect.

On the other hand, If I just simply transffer to the soil, the plant will get nutrion from soil, and also I don't need to care the plant as much as I may need to do for aqua cultivation.

Transferring cuttings from water to soil

When I just start growing plant, I used to transfer the cuttings to soil straight.

and then what happen was, always the cuttngs foliage start to turn black, melting, and eventually I lost most of my cuttings.

and then I realized, I need to make sure the soil needs to be well drain and also moist enough like cuttings were able to get sufficient water and oxygen from water propagation.

After I realized the fact, whenever I transfer the cuttings from soil to water, I start to cover the aerial root with damp sphagnum moss first, put in a pot, and filled up with well drain potting mix. Luckely, it increased the succeed rate enormasly

Here is how I did step by step

Prepared Dried Sphagnum moss, and make it wet

Gently cover the aerial roots of the cuttings. I tried to cover all root, but didn't cover too tight because it can damage root and also can disturb the air flow.

fill up 1/3 pot with well drain soil put the cuttings and moss ball together and fill up the rest.

Water the cuttings and cut one more time the cutting to encourage new shoots from the stem nodes.

this is pretty much everything for what I did for transferring my cuttings from water to soil. I'm going to leave this cuttings in medium filtered light conditions, and planning to make the soil constantly moist for about 2 weeks, so the root can adjust and grow well.

Hope this post was informative enough for you and

Ill keep update how my plant performs on my Instagram, youtube and Blog post.

Thank you :)


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