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Plant Diary_ Propagating Satin Pothos in Water + 2 weeks result Scindapsus Propagtion Air layering

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant diary is a follow up Post of Scindapsus pictus plant, Satin pothos propagation.

About 2 weeks ago, I wanted to trim my satin pothos to encourage new shoots and make it fuller. However, instead of cut the plant, I did air layering because the cutting part didn't have long enough root ( I felt like if I cut, it might fail for water propagating)

So, even though it wasn't my plan, I did air layering to make the aerial root to be little more longer.

if you want to know how I did, click the bottom link to check my blog post

It has been about 2~3weeks from that time, and I want to check how much does root grown









Honestly, I didn't expect the aerial root will be grown like crazy, but at least, I thought it will be grown than this. It does look like nothing have been changed from 2~3 weeks ago. '-'...

Even though the result is shocking, the aerial roots are still very small, but I just decided to cut my Satin pothos as I've done with waiting.

Since the aerial roots on the pot were not really established on the soil, Instead of cut with one node, leaf and root, I decided to cut with two aerial roots, two nodes and two roots to increase the success rate.

After finished of cutting my plant to make it fuller, as I got leftover cuttings, I've decided to use the rest for propagating satin pothos

when we make Satin pothos cuttings for water propagation, we need to consider 3 things.

  • node

  • aerial root

  • foliage.

Even though the cutting doesn't have foliage, if the cutting has one node and long enough aerial root, it still can rooted and generate new foliage. However, it might take a while to produce and also can't be sure it will be success or not.

That's why when I do water propagation, I always try to keep at least one node, one aerial root and one foliage per cutting.

Once you made a cut, leave the foliage in the shady and well ventilated area to be callus ( the sap is drying from the cut and being healed). Depends on the plant, it requires differnt time to be callus but my Satin pothos wasn't dropping the sap much from the cut, so I gave them about 5 hours to recover.

once the cuttings callus, prepare a container ( I use glass jar in usual), filled up with clean water, and then put the cutting one by one, arrange it well so, all roots merging into water.

This is pretty much everything about the Propagating Satin pothos in water and make it fuller with cutting. To encourage the water propagation cuttings to be rooted well, I'll place the container in bright :)

Once my Satin pothos cuttings rooted well, I will bring next plant diary, how to transfer water propagated plant to soil.

Hope you enjoyed the post and

Thank you


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