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Plant Diary | Propagation Philodendron Erubescens Ruby

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant for plant diary is Philodendron Erubescens Ruby

About 3 weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about this pink variegated philodendron.

at that time, I wasn't sure whether it is philodendron pink princess or not. Because it looked similar to the pink princess plant but also look slightly different. fortunately, I found the label that had been attached to the pot and it says...

'Philodendron Erubescens Ruby'

Now, my job was finding whether the philodendron erubescens ruby is a Philodendron pink princess or not.

I've been searched a lot on google, and other web browsers, and... nope.

I couldn't find it.

All the websites only referred Philodendron erubescens as Pink princess or blushing philodendron instead of describing more about Philodendron erubescens varieties.

so... yes, until I find the information, I will just call it a pink princess plant since it is still Philodendron erubescens and also has pink variegation (if you know what variety is the pink princess, please share your knowledge on the comment)

Anyway...! about 3 weeks ago, I covered the aerial roots with damp sphagnum moss to encourage them to root.

I wanted to make philodendron cutting and do water propagation, but I found most of the people do air layering, so I did the air layering propagation as well.

How I did air layering propagation

during the 3weeks, fortunately, the wrapped aerial roots have developed more so, I've cut every stems with leaving one foliage each to propagate them.

Not like other indoor plant, Philodendron was making sap a lot from the cutting.

In general, it is much recommend to wait the sap is dry and callus to increase the propagation success rate, I decided to leave the foliage in shady area for about 1 day.

after about 24 hours later, the philodendron pink princess cuttings looked like ready to propagate. For the cuttings that have rooted longer, I decided to wrap with damp sphagnum moss to supply moist constantly and then put in a pot and filled some soil on top.

On the other hand, for the other cuttings that has short length root, I decided to do water propagation instead of potting in a pot. I thought in that way, the root can absorb sufficient water to grow the plant and also, for the purpose of water propagation experiment that I couldn't last time :)

and this is the most important part. Since most of the variegated plants tend to have more variegation when they get lots of light, I'm going to place these in bright room and also will place grow light to give extra lights.

So, this is pretty much everything for this time Plant diary.

Thanks to air layering, my Philodendron pink princess was able to develop longer aerial roots, and with that I transferred the cuttings to soil for propagation

Once my PPP is established well and start to have new shoots, Ill bring the next follow up post.

Thank you for reading my post and I'll see you on the next post.

Thank you :)

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