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Plant Diary_ Transfer monstera from water to soil

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post :)

My name is Hansoo and

today's plant diary is about Transferring Aquatic cultivation Monstera Deliciosa to the Soil.

In the beginning, I start with growing monstera plants at my home because It looks so beautiful to watch the huge split leaf. but not only for that this beauty can grow fast, and grow well in most of the house conditions.

For that reason, I put one by one and propagate, and yes now my home is fully covered with monstera plant :D

Anyway, these are the monstera plant that I've been doing propagation.

this is called water propagation or can call aquatic cultivation now. I used to love it and still like it but today I'm going to transfer this well established monstera plant to soil.

The main reason for me to decide to transfer this plant is,

I feel like it does require more care than soil.

for example, if the plant was potted in the soil, I would have given water once a week and sometimes fertilizer too.

but not like this, aquatic cultivation is I need to constantly empty the jar and refill with clean water every week. not only for that, If I forget? well... the foliage often turns to yellow color and I need to spend extra time washing the jar as well.

But actually, not only for that, I do have a couple of monstera which has been out of shape now, and I needed to trim and train them as well. so, eventually, I need a jar for propagating the new cuttings.

Then let's start monstera transffering from water to soil

for transferring the plant, I prepared potting mix first.

As my monstera plant has been in the water for long time, I thought its better to prepare well drainage soil to let the root breath well.

I mixed some indoor plant purpost potting mix and perlite with 2:1 ratio to increase drainage

then, I took the plant from the jar gently, place on top of the soil with pole together.

Of course, I could have plant my monstera and stake it but then, while I'm staking it could damage the root so, I put together when I place the root.

after that, I repeat to put handful soil and shake plant until the soil reach the enough level.

*Tip: if you shake the plant gently while you planting, the soil can roll between the roots and can help the plant root to establish well.

and yess.! that's it..!

after finished all doing it, I sprayed some water to clean dirts on the leaves and stems and watered enough to the plant.

Since the plant just moved from the water to soil, I'm going to water bit often to let the soil moist and about a month later, will give fertilizer :)

Hope you enjoyed the post

and will bring the other plant diary later

Thank you


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