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Plant Diary_ SATIN POTHOS Plant Care Tips | I decided to Propagating Satin pothos with Air Layering

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant diary is one of the most attractive silvery indoor plants, Satin pothos.

This is a Satin pothos that I have.

From a couple of months ago, I've trying to make this satin pothos full of foliage and trail like I saw from Pinterest..!

To make the plant more full of foliage, I believe there are 3 ways.

1) plant together in one pot

2) Trim to encourage the plant to have more new shoots

3) Make the aerial root to establish on soil and cut between the nodes.

So far, I've done trim to encourage the plant to have more new shoots and make the aerial root to establish on the soil.

after tried those two ways, this is the result for now.

I trim the plant on the red circle area about 4month ago to encourage to have more new shoots. However, instead of this satin pothos made more new shoots, it only made one shoot and constantly grow as one single stem.

on the other hand, making the aerial root establish on soil is sort of successful.

it is not 100% but when I grab the stem and lift, I can fill the root that is holding the soil. :)

At this stage, I wanted to cut my plant to encourage to have more new shoots.

However, I found that there were no aerial roots that long enough on the new stem area.

I have to consider this issue. because if I cut the plant, obviously cuttings will be left, and if the cuttings don't have long enough aerial root, it means even I try to propagate it, still I can lose the cuttings because of my impatience.

So, even though it's totally different from my original plan but, I decided to air layering my Satin pothos instead to cut now.

In general, climbing plants tends to grow their aerial root longer in moist, humid conditions, and for that simply I can place this plant near the humidifier, but I decided to do Air layering

Air layering is not like propagating plants from cuttings, it is one of the methods of propagating plants from stems still attached to the parent plant. To do Air layering, we only need damp moss, clean wrap and tape, and few handy tools.

All I did for air layering is, on each aerial root area, I put some damp sphagnum moss and cover with clean wrap and tape it. Compared to make cuttings and put in a jar of water, it needs more effort and time, but I thought that I don't need to worry about losing my satin pothos cuttings.

I'm going to make the moss moist every 2 days by pouring water and planning to give it around 2 weeks to let it grow.

once they grow enough, then I will continue to train my Satin pothos :)

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