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Plant Diary | How I Propagate Tradescantia fluminensis and 1month result _ Propagating wandering jew

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant for plant diary is Tradescantia plant .

for someone who is not familiar with this plant,

the plant that I have is one of the Tradescantia types called Tradescantia fluminensis jasmine.

In general, Tradescantia plant is called wandering jew plant, because of its pink color foliage, its also called as pink wandering jew plant.

Very quick care tip for tradescantia plant is

when the plant grows indoors, prefer to grow in bright to medium light condition, but not direct sun, and for watering mostly once a week to 10days is fine but regular watering is a little bit essential.

Not a long time ago, I purchased this Tradescantia plant from a local store by chance.

I knew this plant is not super easy to find, so as soon as I found it, I picked and brought it to my home :)

Unfortunately, the local store didn't care about the plant properly, it wasn't in good condition, so I trim back to encourage new shoots and also test the propagation.

It has been around a month since that time, and yes. this is the result..!

Not like the last time, the plant is a bit more pinkish and can check the plant is became more full of foliage. and with the same theory, as the cuttings have been established and start to grow longer, I've decided to trim and let them encourage new shoots again.

Since I succeeded in propagating wandering jew plant, I'll explain how I will propagate tradescantia fluminensis more detail.

In my theory, even I trim very close to the ground, I think it will still reshoot the foliage.

However, then the stem lose all foliage to absorb the sunlight, and I guess It will slow down in making new shoots, so I'm going to leave 2~3 leaves on the stem and trim.

After the cuttings, I dip the Tradescantia cutting into plant hormone which will help the cutting to root and decided to leave it outside for callus.

The callus is in an easy way explanation, we are sort of waiting for the cutting area sap to be dried and cured. I generally wait for about 4~5 hours and when we wait for the plant to callus, it is better to place it in a shady and well-ventilated area.

for the pot, I choose a small size pot which I used last time. The reason is because,

  • First, as it starts rooting out, doesn't need a big space for the cutting.

  • Second, when the pot is low and small enough, it's easier to under watering as well.

  • Third, I can save some potting mix too.

Before I put the cutting, I made a small hole with a stick, so the plant doesn't need to dig the spot, and then put 2~3 cuttings together to make it looks a bit more fuller.

That's it.

I'm going to leave this at medium light but more humid conditions until I give the first underwatering, and as soon as I water, I'll place this to medium light conditions to encourage the root quicker.

with hoping this to be well established again, will end today's blog post.

Thank you :)

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