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How to Propagate Peace lily in water and soil | Propagating peace lily plant

Let's propagating peace lily plant

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog post

today plant for plant diary is Peace lily.

Peace lily which has the botanical name Spathiphyllum is one of the great indoor plants as it is hardy, easy to care and also bloom beautiful white flowers :)

This is one of my peace lily that has been grown for about 1 year, and as it has a clumping growth habit, from the root (rhizome), it generates new baby plant all the time.

I've been wanted to propagating peace lily for about 2month ago, but It bloomed 4 beautiful white flowers, so I just left it until the flower falls.

Since nowadays is getting warmer and the flower is almost finished, I think it is the perfect time for propagating peace lily plant

before I propagate peace lily plant, I removed all flowers by cutting close to the foliage :)

Peace lily Propagation

To propagate peace lily, I think there are 2 general ways.

One is propagating peace lily plant in soil and the other is propagate peace lily in water.

To propagate peace lily plant, I can make it with 3 steps.

  1. take out the plant from pot, prepare it

  2. expose the peace lily rhizome, divide the peace lily clump

  3. propagate peace lily in water or soil.

First I took the plant out from the pot. because peace lily plant is a clumping plant, I need to take out from pot to divide.

clumping growth peace lily

after took out the peace lily plant from the pot, I gently break the root ball, simply pull the clump. But if the plant is not easily pulled, you can cut the rhizome with sharp garden scissors by keeping roots as well

pulling peace lily clump for propagation

Divided peace lily for propagation

Once you divided the root and clump, its time to decide propagating peace lily in water or soil.

Propagating peace lily in soil

To propagate peace lily in soil, I simply put some potting mix into a prepared pot about... 1/3~ 1/2, place the plant on top, and filled up with a potting mix.

Peace lily propagation

Propagating Peace lily in water

To propagate peace lily in water, I prepared a transparent glass bowl and tap water which have been set for a day. for now, I just put the plant in a jar and filled the water until the root is being deep enough.

I'm going to keep one peace lily with aqua cultivation, I'm planning to put some pebbles to make the plant stand well and decorate as well.

This is pretty much everything for today's plant diary.

I saw an article that when you transfer the plant from the soil to water, it might smelly for a couple of days until the root adjusts to the water, but I'll check how it goes and will bring a follow-up post

Thank you


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